Those who want to achieve excellence hire trusted experts to guide them. I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients to make sure they get maximum value in the shortest amount of time. Let’s get started!

I’ll apply the expertise from deploying Helium Hotspots on homes, office buildings, and mountains to YOUR deployments.  We’ll go through your specific situation and develop a custom solution for how you can make the most of the tools, resources, and time you have to maximize your Helium deployments.

Custom Helium Strategy & Placement Optimization

Want to get on a video call with an expert and have all your questions answered? I’ve been deploying and helping others deploy Helium Hotspots since September of 2020. I’ve seen just about every configuration out there, and I can usually tell at a glance if a deployment will do well or poorly. When you hire me, all of that experience and knowledge is put at your disposal. I’ll make sure you are maximizing your opportunity, whether that’s with one or a thousand hotspots.

Helium can be very confusing. I’ll clear it up so you save money, save time, and deploy the most profitable hotspots possible for you.

If you are only deploying a few Hotspots, I strongly recommend you take the Helium Basic Course and Helium Vision Masterclass BEFORE considering a private consultation.

For best results, I recommend you book the consult session before ordering your Hotspots. That way you'll have plenty of time to apply the strategies you’ll learn, some of which take time to execute.

Starting at $2,000

Your time is valuable, and just one mistake can cost thousands of HNT over the lifetime of a Hotspot deployment.  I’ll make sure you know about the major pitfalls and how to avoid them. 

Real Client Reviews

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