Helium Basic Course

This course will teach you every­thing you need to know about an opti­mized Heli­um deploy­ment in under an hour.

Course Information

The Heli­um Basic Course makes deploy­ing an opti­mized Heli­um min­er easy to under­stand. No con­fus­ing details, no wild-goose chas­es into things that don’t mat­ter, just the most impor­tant aspects when it comes to earn­ing HNT from your miner. 

The Basic Course is pre-record­ed. It is a stan­dard­ized ver­sion of a Cus­tom Con­sult.

  • This course is a straight­for­ward video that runs right about an hour. 
  • You’ll quick­ly learn all you need to know about Heli­um in order to do an excel­lent job of set­ting up Heli­um min­ers in the best loca­tions. I’ll show you how Heli­um “grades” you, how to avoid the com­mon traps peo­ple fall into, and how to max­i­mize the most impor­tant parts of what it takes to earn HNT.
  • You’ll get gear lists, an intro­duc­tion to the most pow­er­ful tools avail­able for under­stand­ing Heli­um, and an easy method to assess your loca­tion and man­age your miners.

If you’re the no-non­sense type and you have the atten­tion span of a pre-2015 adult, this is an excel­lent way for you to quick­ly and effi­cient­ly learn what you need to know to effec­tive­ly deploy Heli­um Hotspots.

Access to this course lasts for 1 year. I’ll keep it updat­ed on a month­ly basis or if there any huge changes.

GK Basic Helium Course

1 year of access

What’s Included:

Basic Course — Video

Resources & Links

This is a brand new offering in November 2021!

If you’d like to hear what my clients have said, cruise on over to my main Heli­um Con­sult­ing page and scroll down; they’re stoked!

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