Basic Course

Understanding the basics of Helium will give you a massive advantage when you begin to deploy Hotspots.  I’ll walk you through how the system works step by step.  It’s complex, but don’t worry. 

I’ve done this for thousands of people and I can do it for you.  Knowing this information is the key that unlocks maximum HNT earnings for you.

Save time learning the essentials of Helium.

Learn from the recognized expert in Helium.

Play the video lessons at your convenience.

Helium can be complicated. I'll explain each aspect in simple terms that anyone can understand, and I'll give you action items to complete in order to maximize your Hotspots.

Gear lists save you time hunting around the internet and give you peace of mind you're buying the right thing the first time.

Helium Basic Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know about an optimized Helium deployment.
Helium can be a rapidly changing environment, I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on and where you should focus your efforts.

We'll go through the following:

Helium Basic Course


Lifetime access to the Helium Basic Course, including all future updates. Over 15 lessons help you understand Hotspots, antennas, maximizing your earnings, and what to expect when you mine Helium.

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