Helium Basic Course

Everything you need to know about
a great Helium deployment
in under an hour.

Easy to learn
tried and true methods for
maximum HNT rewards.

Course Information

Ready to learn everything you need to know about Helium? From the big picture down into the small details that matter, this video course makes it easy for you to quickly and easily understand
the most important parts of the Helium Network to maximize your earning potential.

The Basic Course is pre-recorded and is ready for you whenever and wherever you are.

If you’re the no-nonsense type and you have the attention span of a pre-2015 adult, this is an excellent way for you to quickly and efficiently learn what you need to know to effectively deploy Helium Hotspots.

GK Basic Helium Course

$ 99
  • Basic Course - Video
  • Resources & Links

What's Included:

Access to this course lasts for 1 year. I’ll keep it updated on a monthly basis or if there any huge changes.

This is a brand new offering November 2021!

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