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Look­ing to go to the head of the line when it comes to Heli­um? Let me save you hours of time scrolling through the inter­net look­ing for answers; I’ll walk you through exact­ly what you need to know in order to max­i­mize earn­ing HNT with your hotspot. Here are 3 options:

Helium Basic Course — $99

Want to skip read­ing through hours of my blog and the rest of the inter­net? This one’s for you. I’ve record­ed the stan­dard flow I walk clients through when I do the Cus­tom Con­sult. This video is just under and hour, and includes resources I only make avail­able to pay­ing clients.

This course is a brand new offer­ing in Novem­ber of 2021, based on hun­dreds of cus­tom con­sults. You don’t need to sched­ule me for this, you can start and stop the video when­ev­er you’d like and it’s good for a year. This is an excel­lent option if you’re look­ing to min­i­mize invest­ment and max­i­mize return. 

Hotspot Troubleshooting Service — $250

If you’d like a ded­i­cat­ed Heli­um Hotspot Res­cue Tech to sched­ule a call with you and go through get­ting your hotspot back online, we can do that. 

Custom Helium Strategy & Placement Optimization — $500

Want to get on a video call with an expert and have all your ques­tions answered? I’ve been deploy­ing and help­ing oth­ers deploy Heli­um Hotspots since Sep­tem­ber of 2020. I’ve seen just about every con­fig­u­ra­tion out there, and I can usu­al­ly tell at a glance if a deploy­ment will do well or poor­ly. When you hire me, all of that expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge is put at your dis­pos­al. I’ll make sure you are max­i­miz­ing your oppor­tu­ni­ty, whether that’s with one or a thou­sand hotspots. 

Heli­um can be very con­fus­ing. I’ll clear it up so you save mon­ey, save time, and deploy the most prof­itable hotspot(s) pos­si­ble for you.

You’ll be respon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing accu­rate infor­ma­tion, for the phys­i­cal instal­la­tion, and fol­low­ing any local legal guidelines.

Most of the time the call takes about an hour. 

After our call I’ll pro­vide fol­low-on sup­port for 30 days via email plus an addi­tion­al 10 days after you get your hotspots in case those come much later. 

Many clients are book­ing the con­sult ses­sion well before their hotspots arrive in order to have plen­ty of time to apply the strate­gies you’ll learn, some of which take time to execute.

Scroll down to begin the process.

Large Scale Helium Hotspot Deployment — Inquire for pricing

If you are deploy­ing Heli­um Hotspots at scale and need help with your work­flow, includ­ing loca­tion assess­ment, man­ag­ing instal­la­tions, and pay­outs, I occa­sion­al­ly open time slots for new clients. My goal with these is to help you build the struc­ture to man­age for max­i­mum effi­cien­cy and opti­miz­ing earn­ings at scale.

I’ll help train your team so you don’t need my ser­vices in the long term. This usu­al­ly takes at least a month, although larg­er deploy­ments can (obvi­ous­ly take longer). I’m not look­ing for long term employ­ment, so one of the goals I have is to help you become inde­pen­dent of me as fast as pos­si­ble.

Inquire using the form below.

My goal is to make sure you get the best possible outcome given your unique situation.  

Expected Equipment costs

At the high end (remote place­ment com­plete­ly off grid with cel­lu­lar back­haul and solar) you should expect to spend $2–3,000 on equip­ment includ­ing the hotspot.  Cost vari­a­tion is due most­ly to the amount of solar panels/battery you’ll need. 

At the low end (con­nect­ed to grid pow­er & inter­net) equip­ment costs will run approx­i­mate­ly $3–600 exclud­ing the hotspot. 

Payment & Terms:

  • Cus­tom Heli­um Strat­e­gy & Place­ment Opti­miza­tion — $500
  • Large Scale Heli­um Deploy­ment — Fleet/needs dependent
  • Pay­ment up front in USD (Pay­Pal, wire, check, or Zelle), BTC, ETH, or HNT. Cryp­to prices are cal­cu­lat­ed using cur­rent 24h high on Binance.us
  • No guar­an­tees on the HNT you’ll earn, that is out of my control.
  • All con­sult­ing work for the Stan­dard Strat­e­gy & Place­ment Opti­miza­tion will be con­sid­ered com­plete with­in 30 days of our ini­tial sched­uled meeting.

I’m super stoked to help you get the most out of the Heli­um net­work and oppor­tu­ni­ty! If you’re ner­vous about hir­ing a stranger, please read the About page, go through all my arti­cles on Heli­um, read the tes­ti­mo­ni­als below, and cruise around this blog. You can also read the write up that Heli­um has done on Gris­tle King (my com­pa­ny), here.

If you would like to begin the sched­ul­ing process for a cus­tom or large scale con­sul­ta­tion slot, apply below, let me know which pack­age fits you, and we’ll get started. 

Heli­um Opti­miza­tion Consulting


We con­sult­ed with Nik for a fleet of min­ers in south East Ire­land. The infor­ma­tion he gave us was invalu­able both to inform our strat­e­gy and pro­vide us with tools/guidance that will make set­ting up our net­work eas­i­er. The hour with Nik has saved us many months of research and tri­al and error-so well worth the mon­ey.  He is very knowl­edgable in the heli­um space in a straight­for­ward, non tech speak man­ner. Also con­nect­ed us to oth­er clients/platforms which should be v helpful. 

–Jay, Marc, Niamh and Rob­bie in Ire­land

Excel­lent per­son to deal with, with lots of knowl­edge of the themes, the inter­view was clear and com­plete and easy to under­stand, and he will solve any mat­ters , also giv­ing full advice after­ward if needed.

–Rafael in Colombia

Nik was extreme­ly help­ful and knowl­edgable answer­ing all my ques­tions and pro­vid­ing exact­ly the resources I was look­ing for. The con­sult process was easy and sim­ple and I would rec­om­mend it to any­one look­ing to deploy any num­ber of hotspots.

–John in Colorado

If you’re a Heli­um hotspot own­er and want to learn more about opti­mis­ing your deploy­ment I high­ly rec­om­mend get­ting in touch with Nik. He knows his stuff and will save you hours if not days of trou­bleshoot­ing. I high­ly rec­om­mend you work­ing with Nik. 

–Renier in the UK

Nik was noth­ing short of per­fect.  His vast under­stand­ing and imple­men­ta­tion of the heli­um net­work and the place­ment of Hotspots is spot on.… I can’t imag­ine try­ing to fig­ure this out on your own.  The best mon­ey I ever spent.  Kudos to you and for putting this togeth­er; it saved me so much time and mon­ey… thanks again

–Dave in Florida

Our call was amaz­ing! Thanks for all your help. You saved me over $4k in the wrong set­up. That alone was worth the call. 

–Nathan in Georgia

I’m very hap­py I found Nik to help me with my Heli­um project. I def­i­nite­ly would not be on the right path and would have spend a lot of $$$ on the wrong equip­ment and approach. He knows Heli­um inside and out and is a true technophile who knows all the cru­cial details to make your project suc­cess­ful. If you’re going to spend your hard earned mon­ey and time in this ven­ture do your­self a big favor and get with Nik first! 

–Steve in California

Nik expert­ly nav­i­gat­ed me and my team through the con­fus­ing cryp­to and Heli­um space. By the end of our ses­sion, we all felt well versed in not only the tech­ni­cal aspect of Heli­um but also with the skill set and con­fi­dence to eval­u­ate loca­tions and deploy hotspots in an effec­tive and effi­cient man­nerr. His knowl­edge has proven invalu­able in our jour­ney. High­ly recommended!

–Duke in California

Nik was an amaz­ing help to us! He got us up to speed on all we need­ed to know to be set-up and on our way with HNT min­ing. He is very knowl­edge­able about the Heli­um world in gen­er­al and he is enthu­si­as­tic and eager to help. What’s more, he has a tal­ent for com­mu­ni­cat­ing in a way that dis­tills the com­plex into some­thing sim­ple and easy to under­stand. An invalu­able resource!

-Ean in South­ern California

We’re cur­rent­ly around 250 HNT’s per day ‑45/120 hotspots are ful­ly installed and opti­mized. Thanks again for all your help. We look for­ward to work­ing with you again in the future.

-A in Montreal

Need­ing help with a Heli­um deploy­ment project I turned to Nik and booked a con­sul­ta­tion ses­sion with him. For more than one hour, Nik walked me through all con­cepts relat­ed to den­si­ty of hotspots, loca­tion opti­miza­tion, anten­nas, cov­er­age, topog­ra­phy impli­ca­tions and much more, and answered all my ques­tions. Nik is very knowl­edge­able and thor­ough and did quite a bit of research in prepa­ra­tion for our ses­sion which made it very valu­able to me and the project. I will sure­ly rely on him and his team to assist me fur­ther as we get close to deployment. 

-Jos­si in Los Angeles

Nik is an incred­i­ble resource for any­thing Heli­um-relat­ed.  He gave me a one-hour mas­ter­class on Heli­um hotspot deploy­ment, which saved me dozens of hours I would have spent research­ing and exper­i­ment­ing on my own.  Nik is not just an expert on Heli­um, he’s an excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tor and a warm, friend­ly per­son.  I whole­heart­ed­ly rec­om­mend his services.

-[Name with­held at clien­t’s request] in Texas

Your help and advice from sev­er­al weeks ago has still been super help­ful and was worth every penny! 

-John in Missouri

I hired Nik to help me with answer­ing the ques­tions I did­n’t know I had about Heli­um Hotspots. He was real­ly help­ful and answered all my ques­tions, and includ­ed resources that I will need on my hotspot place­ment jour­ney. I would high­ly rec­om­mend hav­ing Nik walk you through your next Heli­um deploy­ment no mat­ter how big or small.

-Ana in Arizona

Thanks again for the recap email and all info. Best invest­ment in con­sult­ing so far.

-Bran­don in Texas

Nik has been of a great help for our project. Through a Stan­dard Con­sult he pro­vid­ed us many use­ful links on ways to devel­op our busi­ness, not only think­ing about cov­er­age but future use case. He’s been pro­fes­sion­al in his way to trans­mit his knowl­edge about the heli­um net­work, which helped us save time and gain more con­fi­dence on the knowl­edge and ideas we had so far, as well as show­ing us ideas we hadn’t thought about. I would rec­om­mend a con­sul­ta­tion with­out hes­i­ta­tion. The log­i­cal fol­low­ing to the read­ing and view­ing of all his rich­ly filled with pre­cious infor­ma­tion arti­cles and videos.

-Yan in Montreal

I want­ed to get into Heli­um quick­ly, and I was not sure how deep to go. And I did not have the time or incli­na­tion to fig­ure out the most effec­tive way to get involved. So I turned to Nik. Nik has been a plea­sure to work with. He is clear, intel­li­gent, down-to-earth, and a straight-up good guy. I am stoked that I made the choice to hire Nik. He con­tin­ues to help me through my learn­ing curve as I set up my sys­tem, sav­ing me time, and adding to my peace of mind.

-Adri­an, in Oregon

I would absolute­ly rec­om­mend a con­sult­ing ses­sion with Nik. It’s tough to assign a dol­lar val­ue or time saved esti­mate. Hands down, I would strong­ly sug­gest talk­ing with Nik, if you’re not sure where to start and have ques­tions. Nik was thor­ough, infor­ma­tive, expe­ri­enced. I’ve had sev­er­al fol­low up email ques­tions, that he prompt­ly replied to with­in an hour or two.

-Jere­my, in New Jersey

Nik was not only super help­ful in answer­ing every one of our ques­tions about Heli­um, but was extreme­ly gen­er­ous with his time. Every­one on the call was very impressed with Nik, not only of his knowl­edge of Heli­um, but also in his deliv­ery style and will­ing­ness to help us.

-Bryan in TX

My wife and I loved work­ing with Nik! We learned a ton and espe­cial­ly enjoyed his gen­uine heart and desire to help us out with our set­up. Great expe­ri­ence and def­i­nite­ly worth what we paid! The knowl­edge and his rec­om­men­da­tions were invaluable!

-Clark in OR

I would like to thank to Nik about his patient to answer every sin­gle ques­tions i had, i found his  ses­sion very valu­able and very help­ful for my plans regard­ing heli­um mining.Nik has so much knowl­edge about the whole heli­um sys­tem even that every­thing is still very new to everyone.He helped me to under­stand the whole heli­um sys­tem much bet­ter and take a big deci­sions based on that.Nik is a very nice and patient person.I very much enjoyed the ses­sion with him.Even after our ses­sion he still keep help­ing me over the Email for any ques­tions i had that I for­got to ask. Again, thank you so much!    

-Ron in CA

If you’re putting up a hotspot or want to have a deep­er under­stand­ing of Heli­um, talk to Nik first. I learned a lot from our con­sul­ta­tion. Nik is knowl­edge­able and helpful.

-Mike in Toronto

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