HeliumVision Masterclass

Learn how to use the most powerful tool on the market for assessing potential Helium Hotspot location.

The most expensive thing you can do with your hotspot is decide WHERE you’re going to place it. It’s also the thing that has the most impact on your earnings. 

This HeliumVision Masterclass shows you how to use a powerful tool to make the most of every one of your Hotspot deployments.

Course Description:

A Gristle King Masterclass walks you through all the details of how to use a given tool. In this case, we’ll go through how to set up HeliumVision for maximum efficiency, how to do regional and local assessments the right way, and how to manage your deployed fleet of Hotspots using every part of HeliumVision.

What's Included:

Complex tools like HeliumVision offer many non-obvious opportunities.
I’ll help you find the ones helpful to YOU, as a serious Hotspot deployer.

HeliumVision Masterclass

$ 99
  • Learn how to use the most powerful tool on the market for assessing potential Helium Hotspot location

What's it like to work with me?

Jay, Marc, Niamh and Robbie
Jay, Marc, Niamh and Robbiein Ireland
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We consulted with Nik for a fleet of miners in south East Ireland. The information he gave us was invaluable both to inform our strategy and provide us with tools/guidance that will make setting up our network easier. The hour with Nik has saved us many months of research and trial and error-so well worth the money. He is very knowledgable in the helium space in a straightforward, non tech speak manner. Also connected us to other clients/platforms which should be v helpful.
Rafael in Colombia
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Excellent person to deal with, with lots of knowledge of the themes, the interview was clear and complete and easy to understand, and he will solve any matters , also giving full advice afterward if needed.
John in Colorado
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Nik was extremely helpful and knowledgable answering all my questions and providing exactly the resources I was looking for. The consult process was easy and simple and I would recommend it to anyone looking to deploy any number of hotspots.
Renier in the UK
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If you’re a Helium hotspot owner and want to learn more about optimizing your deployment I highly recommend getting in touch with Nik. He knows his stuff and will save you hours if not days of troubleshooting. I highly recommend you working with Nik.
Davein Florida
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Nik was nothing short of perfect. His vast understanding and implementation of the helium network and the placement of Hotspots is spot on…. I can’t imagine trying to figure this out on your own. The best money I ever spent. Kudos to you and for putting this together; it saved me so much time and money… thanks again.
Steve in California
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I’m very happy I found Nik to help me with my Helium project. I definitely would not be on the right path and would have spend a lot of $$$ on the wrong equipment and approach. He knows Helium inside and out and is a true technophile who knows all the crucial details to make your project successful. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money and time in this venture do yourself a big favor and get with Nik first!
Dukein California
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Nik expertly navigated me and my team through the confusing crypto and Helium space. By the end of our session, we all felt well versed in not only the technical aspect of Helium but also with the skill set and confidence to evaluate locations and deploy hotspots in an effective and efficient mannerr. His knowledge has proven invaluable in our journey. Highly recommended!
Ain Montreal
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We’re currently around 250 HNT’s per day -45/120 hotspots are fully installed and optimized. Thanks again for all your help. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Ean in Southern California
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Nik was an amazing help to us! He got us up to speed on all we needed to know to be set-up and on our way with HNT mining. He is very knowledgeable about the Helium world in general and he is enthusiastic and eager to help. What’s more, he has a talent for communicating in a way that distills the complex into something simple and easy to understand. An invaluable resource!
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