Gristle CRÜE


The Gristle Crüe is dedicated to finding and using the best projects in the blockchain + meatspace arena.  Helium — GEODnet — Anode Labs — WeatherXM — DIMO — Hivemapper…the list goes on.

Weekly Zoom meetings at 10 AM Pacific. Run by Nik to help you and the rest of the Crüe understand the space and use the technology. These help keep you motivated and on track to explore and succeed in this space.

Access to interviews Nik does with experts in the space. From IoT to 5G and from high accuracy mapping to how to get crypto grants, you'll get to see it ahead of everyone else.

Exclusive access to the Gristle Crüe Discord channels. We have channels for price talk, for specific crypto projects, sharing crypto tax strategies, off grid setups, and more.

What's Included?

Access to the weekly Crüe calls with Nik on Zoom. This'll keep you up to date on Helium news

Can't make the calls? They're recorded so you can watch later at your convenience

Exclusive access to ALL the channels in the Gristle Crüe category on Discord

Guest expert Q & A sessions. Get direct access and learn from the best in the business


Price: $99

Pay by the month, cancel anytime

6 Months

Price: $495

Pay for 5 months, get 1 month free


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