Gristle CRÜE


Ready to learn and earn with like minded people?  The Gristle Crüe is your community!  We are dedicated to helping each other learn as much as possible about earning the most HNT and staying at the leading edge of Helium knowledge.  Join us!

Weekly Zoom meetings run by Nik to keep you and the rest of the Crüe earning maximum HNT. 10:00 AM PST on Tuesdays to start, this may change if YOU need it to!

Early access to interviews Nik does with Helium experts. You'll get a chance to ask questions at the end of these interviews with the guest!

Exclusive access to the Gristle Crüe Discord channel. Imagine a place where you can talk about Helium with a cohort of capable peers!

Sneak previews of Gristle King special offers, including early access to new courses and the ability to request custom classes.

Guest Q & A sessions via Zoom with some of the finest minds in Helium, from radio experts to blockchain wizards to the most experienced people in the world of 5G. This is cutting edge information available to you first!

What's Included?

Access to the weekly Crüe calls with Nik on Zoom. This'll keep you up to date on Helium news

Can't make the calls? You can watch the videos later at your convenience

Exclusive access to the #crüe-talk Discord channel on the Gristle King server

Guest expert Q & A sessions. Get direct access and learn from the best in the business

Early access to courses and the ability to request custom classes for your needs


Price: $49

Pay by the month, cancel anytime

6 Months

Price: $249

Buy 6 months and you'll get a free month!

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