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Written for professionals and institutions in the world of blockchain + meatspace, this weekly resource acts as a combination of reporter, analyst, investigator and matchmaker across the space.

Whether it’s understanding a nuanced implication of a HIP in Helium, making a connection with a new project like Anode Labs’ React Network, or not missing that small announcement with enormous consequences, the GKIIN delivers tremendous value to subscribers.

Run by two of the most qualified and capable people in the space, including the person who coined the phrase “blockchain + meatspace”, the GKIIN is a trustworthy source of easy to digest, up to date industry information.  

Max & I spend all of our time in this world.  We talk every day of the week with every type of player, from the one-Hotspot deployer to the miner manufacturers to the founders of projects.  We comb through the details of their whitepapers, pay close attention to the Discords, watch the tokenomics, and question the strategies.

We deploy miners to learn for ourselves how the system works at the ground level.  We build cables, mount antennas, raise towers, install backhaul.  We map coverage, deploy sensors, and connect new assets to new networks.  Throughout this spectrum of activity, from ecosystem strategy down to tightening the last nut on a base mount, we are able to tie together the vital threads of information that define the industry.

You guys found more flaws in 24 hours than we did in weeks of due diligence

If you want to get that breadth of information gathered, collated, synthesized, and boiled down for you every week, well, you’re in the right place.   

Finally, for our subscribers we run a bespoke matchmaking and investigative service.  If there’s someone you’d like to connect with, or a specific thing you’d like to know, let us help.  

various projects at the intersection of blockchain and meatspace

Nik Hawks

Nik Hawks, aka Gristle King, has been deeply involved in multiple projects at the intersection of the blockchain and the real world.  From deploying some of the first off grid Helium miners to working with other projects like GEODnet and Hivemapper, Nik is a go-to source in the industry for making sense of what's going on.  When investor Mike Zajko of Lattice Capital put on the recent TIPIN Summit, he turned to Nik to moderate one of just two panels at the event.

Max Gold

Max Gold brings a deep understanding of the economics at the intersection of blockchain + meatspace.  He runs one of the largest LoRa Hotspot fleets on the Helium Network as well as a small antenna company.  With a background working at Deloitte as well as the head of domestic tax compliance in a Houston-based gas and oil firm, his attention to detail and willingness to follow the trail all the way to the end is second to none. 

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