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At the intersection of blockchain technologies and the real world, also known as the “meatspace”, is a set of fascinating opportunities.

The projects at this intersection are “DePIN” projects.  DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks.  

These networks use tokens from a blockchain to reward participants for providing some kind of data stream or service. 

The first and largest project in the space, called Helium, is where I got started.  Helium rewards you for placing a radio transceiver (something that transmits and receives) in the real world. 

As the deployer of that Helium unit, you get paid in tokens every time your radio either transmit or receives data.

This same model works across many other projects.  It could be an energy monitor you add to your electrical panel, or a satellite antenna that helps improve GPS locations within a 20km radius, a weather station, or a small device you add to your car that transmits data about your car to manufacturers.

Whatever it is, the world of blockchain & meatspace is one where you get to “capture value” from the services and data you provide.  My goal is to help you understand all of these projects so you can make the best decision possible about how and what you want to participate in.

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