Hi, I’m Nik Hawks.   Around September of 2020 I discovered Helium after a SAR experience in Nevada had me looking for technology to find lost paragliders. As many have been, I was quickly enthralled and spent the rest of 2020 building and deploying DIY hotspots.  This was when the DIY program was still open.  It is now closed, and I’ve been buying and deploying manufactured hotspots since.

At some point I gathered most of what I’d learned from more or less 3 straight months of reading, doing, mistaking, and fixing Helium hotspot deployments and wrote the Rough Guide, at first just to help friends and family understand what it was that had gripped me so hard.

It got picked up by many in the Helium community as the go-to resource for figuring out how to deploy hotspots optimally.  I started getting lots of emails and contact requests for help with deploying other people’s hotspots or thinking about how to actually use the Helium network.  I kept writing more articles about Helium as I encountered and solved problems, whether it was lightning arrestors, understanding HIP 15 & 17, or what the best Helium antenna was.

As Helium started engaging more of my time I started offering consulting as a service; you can hire me here.

At the end of 2021, the Helium community voted me as the “Most Valuable Community Member“, which was an awesome and much appreciated surprise.

Going forward I’ll continue to build more resources to help people understand Helium as well as the greater “Blockchain + Meatspace” ecosystem.  I’m excited to continue sharing knowledge and experience with all of you as we explore the tokenization of…everything.

Rock on!

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