Blockchain & Meatspace Consulting

Blockchain & Meatspace Consulting

Is your project ready? 

The world of blockchain + meat­space is a new one, super charged with toke­nomics.  It’s still so new it does­n’t have an agreed upon name.  Mul­ti­Coin Cap­i­tal calls it Proof of Phys­i­cal Work.  Mike Zajko at Lat­tice refers to it as TIPIN, or Token Incen­tivized Phys­i­cal Infra­struc­ture.  Mes­sari does­n’t have a name for it yet, but they’re def­i­nite­ly pay­ing atten­tion to it.

What­ev­er you call it, it’s new, excit­ing, fraught with dan­ger and will prob­a­bly change the world for the better.

Haz­ards and decep­tive paths lie every­where.  Even the best projects can build up high lev­els of fear, uncer­tain­ty, and doubt in their audi­ence if an edu­ca­tion plan is not being well executed. 

I help you avoid many of the pit­falls of this rapid­ly evolv­ing space using the GK Edu­ca­tion Framework. 

The Gristle King Educational Framework

  • What does the project accomplish? 
  • How can a par­tic­i­pant improve their results? 
  • Where is the edu­ca­tion gap? 

I’ve watched projects move far too fast for sus­tain­able growth.  When this hap­pens, very few par­tic­i­pants keep up and the tox­i­c­i­ty left behind is dam­ag­ing and eco­nom­i­cal­ly inefficient.

I’ve seen projects move so slow­ly that cus­tomer became impa­tient and aban­don the team and goals.

The right edu­ca­tion­al speed is crit­i­cal to project success.


If you’re an investor con­sid­er­ing back­ing a project, make sure the project has a clear edu­ca­tion­al plan, not to be con­fused with a mar­ket­ing plan.  With­out a defined edu­ca­tion plan, the project is like­ly to breed the fear, uncer­tain­ty, and doubt that plagues cryp­to.  For­ward think­ing investors nip FUD in the bud. 


Project Team & Core

If you’re build­ing a project that will change the world, I’d love to be a part of your advi­so­ry team.  Founders and core team mem­bers are typ­i­cal­ly hyper-intel­li­gent.  Let me help explain your idea to the world so they sup­port it and help grow your vision.

Need help with this? 

Hire me and I’ll build and help exe­cute an edu­ca­tion plan that will help keep your par­tic­i­pants on track and your project backed by enthu­si­as­tic and knowl­edgable supporters. 

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