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Is your project ready? 

The world of blockchain + meatspace is a new one, super charged with tokenomics.  It’s still so new it doesn’t have an agreed upon name.  MultiCoin Capital calls it Proof of Physical Work.  Mike Zajko at Lattice refers to it as TIPIN, or Token Incentivized Physical Infrastructure.  Messari doesn’t have a name for it yet, but they’re definitely paying attention to it.

Whatever you call it, it’s new, exciting, fraught with danger and will probably change the world for the better.

Hazards and deceptive paths lie everywhere.  Even the best projects can build up high levels of fear, uncertainty, and doubt in their audience if an education plan is not being well executed. 

I help you avoid many of the pitfalls of this rapidly evolving space using the GK Education Framework. 

The Gristle King Educational Framework

I’ve watched projects move far too fast for sustainable growth.  When this happens, very few participants keep up and the toxicity left behind is damaging and economically inefficient.

I’ve seen projects move so slowly that customer became impatient and abandon the team and goals.

The right educational speed is critical to project success.


If you’re an investor considering backing a project, make sure the project has a clear educational plan, not to be confused with a marketing plan.  Without a defined education plan, the project is likely to breed the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that plagues crypto.  Forward thinking investors nip FUD in the bud.  


Project Team & Core

If you’re building a project that will change the world, I’d love to be a part of your advisory team.  Founders and core team members are typically hyper-intelligent.  Let me help explain your idea to the world so they support it and help grow your vision.

Need help with this?

Hire me and I’ll build and help execute an education plan that will help keep your participants on track and your project backed by enthusiastic and knowledgable supporters.  

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