Gristle Crüe Membership

If you’d like to join a group inter­est­ed main­ly in DePIN but also in under­stand­ing busi­ness deals, the way the world works, tax impli­ca­tions of cryp­to, and the gen­er­al hus­tle of mod­ern day adven­ture seek­ers across the dig­i­tal space, you should sign up for the Gris­tle Crüe.

Month­ly — $99 — Sign Up Here (opens new page)

6 Month (50% off) — $297 — Sign Up Here (opens new page)

I’m not real­ly about frills when it comes to sign ups and mem­ber­ships. The links take you to a Stripe check­out. I don’t do sales fun­nels or crazy cook­ie drops and creep around the inter­net fol­low­ing you. I want peo­ple on board who are fired up to learn, share, and grow togeth­er. I get it, that’s not for everyone

When you sign up, I’ll get a noti­fi­ca­tion with your email and Dis­cord han­dle. I’ll check in with you to get you the week­ly meet­ing link as well as access to the pri­vate parts of the GK Discord. 

From there, you can show up or not as you like, drop­ping in to meet­ings or chats to ask any ques­tions you have, or, as in the case of many Crüe mem­bers, to also add some­thing to the con­ver­sa­tion. Either way, I’m stoked to have you onboard and can’t wait to intro you to the rest of the Crüe!