The 7 Steps For Earning Maximum HNT With Your Helium Hotspot

Want to earn the absolute most HNT for any giv­en hotspot deploy­ment? After deploy­ing or con­sult­ing on deploy­ing hun­dreds of Heli­um Hotspots, I’ve come up with a check­list of 7 vital steps for max­i­mum earn­ings. Skip­ping any one of them will cost you HNT, plain and simple. 

  1. THE RIGHT LOCATION — Loca­tion is the most impor­tant aspect of earn­ing max­i­mum HNT. Do a thor­ough loca­tion assess­ment. Check at least 3 poten­tial loca­tions; you’d be sur­prised at the dif­fer­ence even 100 meters can make.
  2. MAXIMUM ELEVATION — Get your anten­na out­side and as high as possible. 
  3. MINIMAL ANTENNA CABLE LENGTH — This can get com­pli­cat­ed. It does­n’t have to be. Keep your anten­na cable as short as pos­si­ble if you want max­i­mum earnings.
  4. GIVE YOUR ANTENNA 20–30′ OF RUNWAY — LoRa does best if you give it room to breathe. Do NOT put your anten­na next to a house, build­ing, or oth­er sol­id obsta­cle (unless you know what you’re doing and have a very good rea­son to.)
  5. HARDLINE TO YOUR ROUTER — Always con­nect your Hotspot to your router with an eth­er­net cable. Do not rely on WiFi, even if it seems way eas­i­er. WiFi will cost you HNT through hav­ing an unsta­ble con­nec­tion. Depend­ing on the Hotspot, that can be a high­er or low­er penal­ty. Open port 44158 if you’re show­ing as relayed.
  6. CORRECTLY SIZE YOUR ANTENNA — Most of the time a low gain (4 dBi or low­er) will give you the best earn­ing cov­er­age. High­er gain anten­nas may *seem* like they should be bet­ter. They’re usu­al­ly not.
  7. USE LOW LOSS CABLES — Most anten­nas that ship with cables use the cheap­est cable pos­si­ble. Use LMR400 for any runs over 6′.

Want help with this? I offer con­sult­ing where I’ll walk you through every step to make sure you’re max­i­miz­ing your HNT earn­ings. This con­sult­ing ses­sion runs 60–90 min­utes and will save you *weeks* of research. 

If you want to get your Heli­um Hotspot up and run­ning at max earn­ing poten­tial NOW instead of after weeks of research, book a con­sult with me. Start here:

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