Crypto & IoT Black Friday Deals — 2022



Gath­er­ing togeth­er blockchain + meat­space as well as oth­er rel­e­vant deals here. In some cas­es the links are affil­i­ate links, so I’ll earn a small com­mis­sion if you use ’em. That seems fair to me, but you can always just Google the project and “Black Fri­day” and find ’em your­self as well. If you know of any oth­ers and want me to post ’em up, drop it in com­ments. LFG.

Blockchain + Meatspace

IoT & Geek Patrol

If you know of or see any oth­ers, lemme know and I’ll drop ’em in here. The goal is always to help every­one grow togeth­er. Rock on!


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