Helium Hotspot Connections

Have a question about which connector or power supply or antenna cable you should get? Here’s an easy reference to use when you’re ordering parts. I make every effort to keep this updated, but in some cases the manufacturers themselves are contradictory. Check YOUR hotspot to make sure you’re getting the right connector and PoE injectors. Most hotspots are fine with an 802.3af, or “active” PoE injector/splitter combo. Check your Hotspot carefully to make sure you’re getting the right sized plug at the splitter end; USB-C or a specific size of barrel plug 5.5 x 2.1 or 2.5 etc.

ManufactersRF ConnectorPower Supplies and PoE AdaptersMfr LinkPoE InjectorPoE Splitter
NEBRA HNT Outdoor Hotspot MinerN-Type Female802.3AF 48V POE, or use 9-16V DC @ 15W, DC Barrel Jack - 2MM Pin, 6.5MM Barrel centre positive. Recommended PSU 12V @1.5ASpecs HerePoE Injector
NEBRA HNT Indoor Hotspot MinerRP-SMA FemaleDC Barrel Jack 6.5 x 2.0 mm, 12V 1.5A. PoE splitter optionSpecs HerePoE Injector
Bobcat MinerRP-SMA FemalePower via DC 12V or PoE Splitter Option - Barrel Jack 12V 5.5X2.1mm Specs HerePoE InjectorPoE Splitter
RAK v2 Hotspot MinerRP-SMA FemaleUSB-C Power Supply or PoE Splitter Option - Type C 5V GigabitSpecs HerePoE InjectorPoE Splitter
SyncroB.it HNT GatewayRP-SMA Female2.5mm, 12 Volt Power Jack Option or - Passive PoE (12-55 volts)Specs HerePoE Injector
OG Helium HotspotRP-SMA FemalePower via DC5V or PoE Splitter Option - Barrel Jack 5V 3Amps 5.5X2.1mmPoE InjectorPoE Splitter
RAK v1 Hotspot MinerRP-SMA FemaleUSB-C Power Supply or - PoE Splitter Option - Type C 5V GigabitPoE InjectorPoE Splitter
LongAPSMA FemaleBarrel Jack 12V 2A 5.5X2.5mmPoE InjectorPoE Splitter
LongAP ProN-Type FemalePoE 802.3at Specs HerePoE Injector
LongAP LightRP-SMA FemalePoE 802.3af, Barrel Jack 12V 1A 5.5X2.1mm (to be finalized)Specs HerePoE InjectorPoE Splitter
SenseCAP M1RP-SMA FemaleUSB C, DC 5v 3ASpecs HerePoE InjectorPoE Splitter

As you’ll see, most of the production miners use an RP-SMA connection. That means the cable you’ll want to order if you’re installing an aftermarket antenna will be RP-SMA male <–> (usually) N-type male.

Want to dive deeper, check out some pictures, and learn a little more? Here we go!

RP-SMA stands for Reverse Polarity SubMiniature version A). The RP series were designed to stop you from connecting an “unauthorized antenna” to your gear, whether that’s a Helium hotspot or any radio. The FCC’s thought process was along the lines of, “all manufacturers will have RP-SMA so you can only connect them to RP-SMA capable antennas, and nobody will sell RP-SMA connectors to consumers.” Prior to the internet making all information and parts available to everyone, that method worked well enough. Now, it’s just confusing. Onward!

Female RP-SMA connectors have a female contact body (ground) and a male inner pin contact (signal). A male RP-SMA connector is the opposite in both respects — male body (inside threads) with a female inner sleeve contact.

Here are all four connector types. You’ll also see the female referred to as an “jack”, and the male referred to as “plug”. Slightly confusing, right?

SMA and RPSMA Male and Female Connections

Next up: N-Type Connections

Ok, that’s the confusing stuff out of the way. Here is what you’ll typically see when connecting to an aftermarket antenna. These are called N-type connections, and are larger in size the the SMA series.

Ok, that should clear up most of the questions surrounding what cable connection you have, and what you should get. If you have questions about cable loss, check out this post on it, or for quick reference, this table:


Length of CableLMR 195LMR 240LMR 400LMR 600LMR 900
5 Feet0.
20 Feet2.
50 Feet5.
75 Feet7.
100 Feet10.

If you’d like to go beyond just connecting some cables, there are a ton of learning options on this site.

I’ve built courses on Helium and HeliumVision, offer troubleshooting sessions, as well as custom consulting to individual clients. I dive into strategy, individual hotspot optimization, and helping you understand where you can prosper in the Helium ecosystem.

Rock on!

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