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After I did the sta­tis­tics video with Matthew Patrick, I heard from @cryptofulness via Twit­ter. He reached out from Por­tu­gal to offer some help with a “t‑test imple­men­ta­tion” to test some Hotspots. If you remem­ber, a “t‑test” com­pares two sets of data and tells you whether or not there’s actu­al­ly a mean­ing­ful result.

In this case, the two sets of data are your hotspot’s earn­ings and the glob­al aver­age. I’m going to walk you through how to use the tool Crypto­ful­ness set up for me, and you can see for your­self if your Hotspot is REALLY doing bet­ter (or worse!) than the aver­age, and by how much. 

For ref­er­ence (and yes, this counts as brag­ging), Ama­teur Jade Hare, which is a hotspot I have set up on a moun­tain in San Diego, has per­formed 612% above the Net­work aver­age over the last 3 months. By the way, it’s run­ning a 3 dBi anten­na. As I’ve said before, when it comes to earn­ings, anten­nas don’t real­ly mat­ter. You could use an HNTen­na (what I’ve got), or any of the McGill anten­nas, or a PPL anten­na. On the PPL, use code GRISTLEKING for 5% off. Remem­ber though, loca­tion is what dri­ves earn­ings, NOT the anten­na.

Ok, let’s go! You’ll need to sign in to a Google account, then open up a Google Colab­o­ra­to­ry tab at this link:

Choose “New Notebook”.

Now, open the Gristleking+Cryptofulness note­book in anoth­er tab, and copy ALL of the code in there from mine to yours. Be sure to get each of the dif­fer­ent “cells”, marked by the Play circle/triangle in the left grey column.

You’re doing this in your own note­book so that you can look at your hotspot with­out the entire world see­ing what you’re doing (which is what will hap­pen if you run the code in my notebook.)

Ok, one more step to get to the results. With the code past­ed in to your snazzy new note­book, scroll down until you see the green line say­ing
# modify YOUR HOTSPOT ADDRESS HERE and the leave the ' '

I’ll use Ama­teur Jade Hare’s address for the demo. AJH’s address is: 112qN5DMoTdc4ThFGQHKyg4e3QfuEkkCUEfu5EgZA1QZLNdqb4Cf, which you can see below.

Once you’ve filled in your Hotspot address, hit the “play” button.

It’ll spin and dance for a bit, then spit out your result. In this case:

A two sample t-test was performed to compare your hotspot rewards for the last 90 days and the network rewards for the same period. The difference between the two means is statistically significant and your hotspot was above the network average for: 612 %

Your hotspot daily average (HNT): 0.794

Helium network daily average (HNT): 0.112

Now, how do you know HOW sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant this is? Keep rolling down that file and hit­ting the lit­tle Play but­ton on each one of the four cells. I’ma drop a video in here so you can see what that looks like.

Ok, so what does each of those mean? Oh, in the video I should prob­a­bly have called them “blocks”, not “cells”. My bad. 🙂

Block 1: The t‑test. This com­pares your Hotspot’s rewards against all active Hotspots on the Net­work rewards and tells you if the dif­fer­ence is real or just “noise”.

Block 2: Shows the rewards by day for the Net­work and your Hotspot for the last 90 days. The orange line high­lights the data pattern.

Block 3: A Pear­son cor­re­la­tion, tests the asso­ci­a­tion between your Hotspot and the Net­work. For exam­ple, if the Net­work sucks, is your Hotspot also suck­ing? That does NOT imply the Net­work suck­ing is the cause, just that they seem to fol­low the same pattern.

Block 4: A sim­ple lin­ear rela­tion­ship between the Net­work and the Hotspots reward explor­ing “causal­i­ty”. This is sort of like block 3, expect where block 3 says “Yeah, these 2 things go in the same direc­tion”, block 4 says “When the Net­work goes down on aver­age, it caus­es your Hotspot to also go down on aver­age.” In my case, the effect is ampli­fied: For every increase in Net­work HNT of 1, AJH rewards go up 6.8.

So, that’s it. Any mis­takes in this or in the inter­pre­ta­tion are mine, so I explained some­thing incor­rect­ly, lemme know! Also let me know what you find out about your Hotspot, and if you liked this, give @cryptofulness a fol­low on Twitter!

If you want to join a rad group explor­ing Heli­um and how to stay ahead of the curve, con­sid­er join­ing the Gris­tle Crüe. We Zoom every Tues­day at 10 AM Pacif­ic and talk about the lat­est in how to crush it with Heli­um. Rock on!


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