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  • Reports from the Field — Helium In The Wild, Hackathon Train

    Reports from the Field — Helium In The Wild, Hackathon Train

    “The job right now isn’t to make IoT easy. It’s to make it work”.  As I look across the Heli­um ecosys­tem in ear­ly Decem­ber of 2022, I’m start­ing to see the emer­gence of work­ing busi­ness­es built on Heli­um. Baxus may be the most recent exam­ple; a com­pa­ny track­ing all the con­di­tions of items as they move…

  • Helium Deployed: The Network In Action

    Our pilot project is com­plete, and boy have we learned a ton from this one! While many are still focus­ing on earn­ing HNT for Heli­um Hotspot deploy­ments, the obvi­ous move for those of us inter­est­ed in longevi­ty is actu­al­ly USING the Network. Over the course of a week, sup­port­ed by Tom­my and Ryan at Lon­es­tar…

  • Gristle King On Helium Uplink



    It’s been a heck of a ride so far, from the begin­nings of look­ing for a bet­ter way to find lost paraglid­er pilots all the way out to being fea­tured by Heli­um as a top hotspot opti­miza­tion expert.  Travis Teague and I just did an episode of the Uplink, which Heli­um releas­es to show­case how…

  • Learn How To Use The Helium Network



    While many of you are ham­mer and tongs at the game of deploy­ing hotspots, the real oppor­tu­ni­ty is begin­ning to shift from *build­ing* the net­work to *using* the network. One of the best ways to learn some­thing is to do it. Let me show you how, for about $40, you can add your first sen­sor…