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  • Helium In The Wild — Start Your Engines!

    Helium In The Wild — Start Your Engines!



    Ready to push hard into IoT out­side of the US? Meet Heli­um In the Wild! Start­ing in Novem­ber with Solana Break­point in Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal, I’ll be head­ing out to see how Heli­um is being used in the wild. I’ll be look­ing for and shar­ing lessons, inspi­ra­tions, and inter­views with real peo­ple who are get­ting up…

  • Testing Your Helium Antenna & Placement With A GLAMOS



    Do you have the best anten­na for your loca­tion? What kind of cov­er­age is your Heli­um Hotspot pro­vid­ing? Is the loca­tion you’ve iden­ti­fied as good on Helium.Vision actu­al­ly that good? The way to answer these ques­tions defin­i­tive­ly is to test your set­up. No amount of sim­u­la­tion, pre­dic­tion, or just think­ing (or even hop­ing) will replace the…

  • Is Helium A Better “Last Chance”?

    I got into Heli­um acci­den­tal­ly. I was look­ing for a way to find and com­mu­ni­cate with oth­er paraglid­ers out back of beyond. I had par­tic­i­pat­ed in a Search and Res­cue for a well known paraglid­er out in remote Neva­da at the end of sum­mer 2020.  The miss­ing paraglid­er pilot (James John­ston, aka Kiwi) had GPS and…

  • How To Use Hotspotty To Crush



    Hotspot­ty start­ed as a way for Daniel Andrade (@spillere on Dis­cord) to man­age the grow­ing fleet of Heli­um Hotspots he was rolling out togeth­er with Maxime Goossens and Alex­is Argent. In the begin­ning we had a tiny script that would send our dai­ly rewards to a Telegram group.  It’s, uh, grown from that. 🙂 Let’s start with…

  • How Do You Find The Best Site For Your Hotspot?

    Well, the race is offi­cial­ly on. With at least two unof­fi­cial halv­ings com­ing in the near future, it’s pret­ty darn impor­tant right now to: A) Get your Heli­um hotspot up and earn­ing and  B) Secure the best spot you pos­si­bly can. In the case below, this hotspot is on pri­vate prop­er­ty with an incred­i­ble view of both my…

  • A Rough Guide To Helium Hotspot Placement

    This is writ­ten for folks curi­ous about opti­miz­ing a Heli­um Hotspot placement.  Most start with their anten­na, which is (almost com­plete­ly) the wrong approach for max­i­miz­ing earn­ings. The only way you could make a less effi­cient improve­ment at the start is to focus on what cables to buy.  There are four fun­da­men­tal aspects of an opti­mal…