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Ready to push hard into IoT outside of the US? Meet Helium In the Wild!

Starting in November with Solana Breakpoint in Lisbon, Portugal, I’ll be heading out to see how Helium is being used in the wild. I’ll be looking for and sharing lessons, inspirations, and interviews with real people who are getting up to their elbows in this network.

The Helium Foundation is sponsoring this series to showcase how people are using Helium around the world. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I’ll still do stuff covering the use of IoT in the US, but there’s a whole world out there and I want to help YOU see it!

Driving demand is critical to the long term success of Helium, and I’m psyched to help you figure out how to do it yourself by showing you how it’s already being done.

At each place I visit, we’ll do something different to help you learn about Helium and connect with your local community. It may be learning how to use a sensor, an aspect of running a LoRaWAN business, or any other thing useful to you as a user, service provider, DIYer, or just an interested bystander. We’ll also be running a mapping contest called Here Be Dragons at a few locations, more on that below.

The current schedule looks like this. For details on each location, head down to the individual sections.

Wherever possible I would LOVE to meet you at any one of these. If you’ll be in any of those areas on or around those dates, please sign up so I can keep you abreast of when the community workshop and meet up will be. Everyone who signs up AND shows up to their location gets a Helium in The Wild t-shirt (while supplies last).

If you know anyone I should meet or should invite to present at any of these, connect us up, yo.


Helium In The Wild

In the interest of making all this really easy for you to keep track of, here are a few more things to think about.

At each location we’ll be running something a little different. Some will have the Here Be Dragons mapping contest, some will have presentations from experts, some will have a panel discussion so you can learn from a variety of people. All events will allow you to connect with locals who are into the same things you’re into as well as allowing you to build and strengthen local network connections.

Here Be Dragons mapping contest is an event with RAK 10701 LoRaWAN mapping units. RAK is one of the sponsors of the Helium In The Wild tour, and we’re psyched to see them supporting the community! During the contest you’ll be competing to see who can map a variety of things, from most hotspots connected to specific hotspots to most miles traveled. Tiny prizes will be given to top performers, and at the end of the Helium In The Wild tour I’ll mail all the mappers off to the various winners. The Hotspotty team along with Dave Akers at Helium Analytics has generously agreed to help support the back end of this so we can know who did what with a mapper. 🙂


LISBON Activities

On November 4th, at 11 AM, I’d love to meet you for coffee at Selva.

Pending hardware arrival (it got stuck in transit), on the 7th, in conjunction with Daniel & Max at Hotspotty and sponsored by RAK Wireless, we’ll be running the first ever Here Be Dragons event. You can buy an NFT for the event (NOT required, just a fun way to support, all proceeds will go to supporting a future Helium x Solana Hackathon).

If you’re coming, please register using the form above and show up. RAK Wireless has sponsored this event with 10 of their 10701 WisBlock Field Testers which Daniel has set up to integrate with Hotspotty for scoring.

After running Here Be Dragons I’ll be exploring Solana Breakpoint and reporting back on how moving over to Solana will benefit Helium users in specific ways. If you’re in Lisbon and have anything to do with IoT, Helium, and Solana, please reach out so we can connect!

I’ll attend the Proof of Physical Work event and let you know more about the Hivemapper/Helium collab.

LONDON Activities

The London event is turning into the headline event of the tour. I’ve booked a pretty special place for us to meet, the Durham Street Auditorium at the RSA House in Central London.

We’ve also got an adjacent meeting space, the “Long Gallery” so you’ll have a place to mingle and connect with others. We’ll have food there as well, so while I’ll ask ya not to come off a 1 week fast and clean out the refreshments, there’ll be something to nibble on.

The event kicks off at 9:30 AM the morning of the 11th, meeting in the Long Gallery to start the the London Here Be Dragons mapping contest using units supplied by RAK. You can buy an NFT for the event (NOT required, just a fun way to support, all proceeds will go to supporting a future Helium x Solana Hackathon).

After that, starting at 1 pm local time we’ll be holding an series of talks focusing on running an IoT business with Helium. We’ll have reps from the community, Helium Foundation, manufacturers, and even from outside the Helium eco-system! The event runs 1-5 pm in central London.

Event timeline:

0930 – 1000 Here Be Dragons Registration (optional NFT for this is here)
1000 – 1300 Here Be Dragons mapping contest
1300 – 1315 What Hath Helium Done? – Nik Hawks/Gristle King
1315 – 1345 Building a Business With Helium, Neil Skoggers/Trackpac,
1345 – 1400 Using Analytics to Drive IoT Business Decisions, Dave Akers/HeliumAnalytics
1405 – 1435 Future of IoT Panel (Adrian Clint/Helium Foundation, Skye Blackledge/RAK Wireless, Adrian Li Mow Ching/Linxdot)
1440 – 1500 Building End to End Solutions, Rob Putt/Trackpac
1500 – 1600 How To Save The World With LoRaWAN, Bill Clee/Novacene
1600 – 1700 Mingle as needed. Wallflowers to depart. Extroverts shall sustain.

If you’re coming to either (or both events), please register using the form above. RAK Wireless has sponsored this event with 10 of their 10701 WisBlock Field Testers which Daniel at Hotspotty has set up to integrate with Hotspotty for scoring.

PARIS Activities

Morning meetup at La Felicita, 10 AM, to connect with the local Helium crew (including local YouTuber SMOKLM).

We’ll spend the rest of that day and the next connecting with locals in Paris (and frankly, recovering from a blaster of a trip up ’til this point) and prepare for the final stage, Barcelona! We did have a trip down to Paul (aka Disk91 planned), but it ate up too much time; we’d be on the train for 8+ hours plus a 2 hour flight, all in the course of 24 hours. Far better to spend that time boots-on-the-ground in Paris!

BARCELONA Activities

The theme in Barcelona revolves around exploring how governments, specifically cities, may use LoRaWAN and Helium. I’ll be attending an expo called Smart Cities Barcelona to dive into how many municipalities are using the growing flood of data to build and manage better, smarter cities.

On the evening of November 16th we’ll be meeting with the IoT Barcelona Meetup group at 6 pm. That group is run by Marc Pous, a Balena wizard and our local connect. We’ll be at Itnig, which is a local statup hub; come join us if you’re around!

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