The Top 5 Mistakes to avoid with your Helium Hotspot

So you just found out about Heli­um and want to crush it with your hotspot deploy­ment? First, remem­ber WUPU. That stands for Wide-Unique-Prove­able-Use­ful cov­er­age. WUPU is what makes for a reli­ably high earn­ing hotspot. Here are the top 5 things that go against WUPU. Let’s start with the worst thing:

1 — Overcrowding

Putting your hotspot in the same res 8 hex as anoth­er hotspot WITHOUT pro­vid­ing sig­nif­i­cant­ly bet­ter cov­er­age is a recipe for low earn­ings and wast­ed effort. I’ve gone into this in depth over in the Rough Guide.

I’m see­ing a lot of folks who are just putting it in their house because they don’t have any oth­er place to put it, even if some­one else is already in the same res 8 hex! This goes against the first U in WUPU, which is Unique. That is…non-optimal if you want high­er rewards. If you want to crush it with your deploy­ment, focus 95% of your efforts on the place­ment aspect.

2 — Focusing on the Antenna

Most new hotspot own­ers go through some vari­a­tion of “What’s the best anten­na, mon­ey is no object?” Please read the post on anten­nas to learn why that’s not a high-earn­ing ques­tion. You might think you’re going for the W in WUPU, which is Wide, but many times you’ll over­buy an anten­na, get­ting a com­pressed sig­nal that trig­gers anti-gam­ing wit­ness inval­i­da­tion mea­sures OR goes far beyond the local hotspots you should be targeting.

3 — Not doing your research

You end up wast­ing a ton of your own time and that of oth­ers by ask­ing a ques­tion in the forums that you could have answered far more thor­ough­ly and prof­itably had you used a Search func­tion. Trust me, you are not the first per­son with your ques­tion. Type it into Google exact­ly as you’d ask an expert and add “Heli­um Hotspot” at the end, or type the key words into the Heli­um Dis­cord chan­nel and scroll through the results. 

4 — Not getting your antenna outside and up at elevation

This is a clas­sic mis­take. Look, Heli­um is a HUGE oppor­tu­ni­ty, but that oppor­tu­ni­ty will only exist as a tremen­dous one for hotspot own­ers who pro­vide WUPU. If you put your anten­na in a win­dow down low, you are pro­vid­ing a very small area of use­ful cov­er­age, it will be more dif­fi­cult to ver­i­fy it because your sig­nal will be weak, and if there are any oth­er hotspots around you you’ll prob­a­bly be dupli­cat­ing their efforts.

Relat­ed but usu­al­ly not com­mon with peo­ple who want to crush is the lone wolf deploy­ment, where some­one puts in a hotspot that through topog­ra­phy or dis­tance can’t con­nect with any oth­er hotspot. Even if they’re pro­vid­ing Wide, Unique, and Use­ful cov­er­age, it’s not Prove­able, so it does­n’t real­ly count. Hey, I don’t make the rules (even though I think the Prove­able rule is an excel­lent one.)

5 — Not connecting via a solid (usually ethernet cable) connection.

This is a small­er mis­take but a source of frus­tra­tion. The hotspots so far released don’t have super strong WiFi recep­tion, so they end up going offline, or miss­ing a sig­nal, or just dis­con­nect­ing. Save your­self a TON of trou­ble and just hard­line the thing in. If your con­nec­tion is unre­li­able, you’re not real­ly pro­vid­ing Use­ful coverage.

All of these mis­takes are as com­mon as they are avoid­able. If you just remem­ber WUPU and apply it to every step of your deploy­ment you can avoid them. 

With about 10 hours of seri­ous read­ing or study you’ll be in the top 1% of knowl­edge­able hotspot own­ers in the entire ecosys­tem, and you won’t make these. With that much study, not only can you avoid those mis­takes, you’ll eas­i­ly side­step all the oth­er low-earn­ing pit­falls that many hotspot own­ers stum­ble into. 

Have a look through this blog, read­ing it will be a use­ful addi­tion to your 10 hours. I’ve writ­ten about how to opti­mize your hotspot place­ment, which anten­na is best, how much you can expect to earn, and more.

68 thoughts on “The Top 5 Mistakes to avoid with your Helium Hotspot”

  1. Nik… 100% right my friend. I real­ly need to drink one cup of patience, dai­ly!! My RAK7248 min­er start­ed doing its thing a few hours after I post­ed ear­li­er. Fin­gers crossed re: your RAK V2… Thanks!! D

  2. Some­one came into my hex . I have a great set­up 5.8 rak anten­na on my roof. My scale is 1.0 . Seems like he is relayed and just start­ing up. Will this effect my earn­ings if so is there any­thing I can do?

  3. My hotspot wob­bly glass perch is in a hex with some­one who has 2 min­ers in my same hex which one is offline. How can I get a bet­ter res with this guy’s min­er in my hex and offline? Thanks!

  4. I wait­ed from March to end of Sep­tem­ber for Calchip to ship my min­er and in that time some­one bought a bob­cat (got it in 3 months) and what can U do? I can’t tell my neigh­bors not to do some­thing in their prop­er­ty because I bought mine first. What about peo­ple that live in high­rise buildings?

  5. Hi Eri­ka, about the only thing you can do is out­per­form them; get your anten­na bet­ter posi­tioned for more line of sight to more oth­er hotspots. Either that or find a new loca­tion. The Net­work ben­e­fits less and less from each addi­tion­al min­er that goes in to a loca­tion where there are already min­ers. Earn­ing top rewards is all about pro­vid­ing WUPU cov­er­age, no con­sid­er­a­tion is giv­en for who was there first.

  6. Charles Carrington

    I real­ly appre­ci­ate the time you put into this info. As I just start­ed my research and just received and start­ed the sync process. My ques­tion lies around the cons of reboot­ing of the min­er. I just opened the port on my router, do I ben­e­fit by reboot­ing? Also do you sug­gest pow­er­ing down when dis­con­nect­ing anten­na coax, for length­en­ing purpose?

  7. Good ques­tion Charles, I’d keep an eye on the sta­tus of the Hotspot using BFGNeil’s tool. It may take a day or so to show up. Tech­ni­cal­ly you should always turn off any radio device when switch­ing anten­nas. Prac­ti­cal­ly, it does­n’t seem to mat­ter that much. I always turn ’em off, that’s just me.

  8. hi, one place I have a hotspot has his house wired with rj45 I think. basi­cal­ly, he brought inter­net upstairs in his rooms. We try to con­nect there but the hotspot goes offline, do we real­ly have no choice to link the router with an eth­er­net cable direct­ly or wifi or is there a way it works with his inter­net wall con­nec­tion upstairs

  9. I always rec­om­mend con­nect­ing direct­ly via eth­er­net cable, even if that means you have to run new cable.

  10. @ J If his wifi is get­ting approx­i­mate­ly 100Mbps down­load speed con­sis­tent­ly, it should work. Anoth­er option is pow­er­line adapters to pro­vide an ether con­nec­tion using his pow­er­line in the house to go from one area to the next. I have one set up that way out in a garage. There is one adapter plugged in direct­ly to the router and then plugged into the wall. THe oth­er adpa­ter is in the garage and the Cat5 Eth­er­net cable is plugged into the Bob­cat min­er. It’s work­ing great.
    Good luck!

  11. Hi Nik, Have you ever seen a Rak Goldspot min­er (from MNTD) cause a router to keep reboot­ing itself when con­nect­ed via an Eth­er­net cable? I’ve been using my min­er suc­cess­ful­ly with Wifi for about three weeks now, but as soon as I try hard-wiring it with a cable, my Nighthawk R6400v2 router just shuts itself down and reboots, repeat­ed­ly. I’ve tried two dif­fer­ent Cat 6 Eth­er­net cables and I’ve tried two dif­fer­ent jacks in the back of the router. All signs are point­ing to the fact the my router is just junk, but I was just won­der­ing if there is any­thing else you can think of that I could try first.

  12. I haven’t seen that yet. I had a Nighthawk for a while and it worked well most of the time. Might be time for a new router though. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the arti­cle! We just got our anten­na up and I just was won­der­ing if you know if there are any health con­cerns (increased WiFi) risks with hav­ing this? Thank you!

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