The Ultimate Workflow For Fixing Your Relayed Helium Miner



Ready to fix relayed sta­tus on your Heli­um Min­er? @Jason (Jason#8116) over on Dis­cord built a giant and tru­ly glo­ri­ous work­flow for get­ting through it, but I’ll be hon­est: It’s intim­i­dat­ing to the first timer.

I went ahead and took Jason’s work­flow and with his per­mis­sion, hired a Venezue­lan pro­gram­mer to make it easy for you to go through a step at a time. It’s a series of ques­tions & instruc­tions that’ll walk you through YOUR spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tion to get you off Relay. It’s not per­fect or guar­an­teed, but this work­flow has helped thou­sands of Heli­um min­ers fix their relay sta­tus. It’ll prob­a­bly work for you.

If you want to see the full flow in all its glo­ry, here ya go (or down­load the PDF here). Yeah, it’s a lot. You are way bet­ter off using the tool above.

If you have ques­tions for Jason, he’s on Dis­cord and over here on Twitter.

If you’d rather just buy a lit­tle device and pay for a ser­vice to keep you off relay, take a look at Vir­tu­al­Pri­vatePi and use code gristleking at check­out for $10 off your order.


Net­work­ing has its own ter­mi­nol­o­gy. Some of the words used are easy to skip over with­out under­stand­ing they mean some­thing very spe­cif­ic (pub­lic vs local, clients, devices, hosts, etc).

Here are the most com­mon ques­tions us nor­mal peo­ple have when it comes to net­works. I’ve high­light­ed the words you might skip over. 🙂

What is an ISP? ISP stands for Inter­net Ser­vice Provider, like Cox, Ver­i­zon, Com­cast, AT&T, etc.

What is an IP? An Inter­net Pro­to­col (IP) address is a unique address that iden­ti­fies a client device on the inter­net or a local net­work. Local net­works usu­al­ly have IPs that look like 192.168.x.x. A pub­lic IP is more ran­dom and could look like this:

What is a client? A client is any device that con­nects to a net­work. It could be your phone, a com­put­er, a print­er, or a Heli­um Hotspot.

What is a local net­work? A local net­work is the one at your house, office, or uni­ver­si­ty. It’s basi­cal­ly it’s own lit­tle prop­er­ty, with address­es for where every­thing is internally.

How is a pub­lic net­work dif­fer­ent than a local net­work? Think of a pub­lic net­work list­ing street address­es, say, 1313 Mock­ing­bird Ln. Any­one can dri­ve by and see there’s a house there. The local address would be equiv­a­lent to the rooms in your house. Not every­one can (or should) be able to look willy-nil­ly through your rooms.

What is DHCP? Dynam­ic Host Con­fig­u­ra­tion Pro­to­col. This just means your device will request an IP address from your router, and that IP address can change.

What is NAT? Net­work Address Trans­la­tion. It’s a way to map mul­ti­ple local pri­vate address­es to a pub­lic one before trans­fer­ring the infor­ma­tion. Long sto­ry short, your ISP gives you a pub­lic IP address and NAT (or your router) shares out your pub­lic IP to your inter­nal clients behind your router.

What is CG NAT? It stands for Car­ri­er Grade NAT. This is where your ISP is not pro­vid­ing you a pub­lic IP address on your router. They’re doing this so they don’t have to buy as many IPs, and because there sim­ply aren’t enough IPs for every house/business to have their own. The ISP is adding an addi­tion­al lay­er of NAT on their end which is why your port for­wards don’t work with them. NAT does the filtering. reports open but it has been over the 48 hours? What is wrong? Due to the nature of the gos­sip net­work, in rare cas­es it can take longer for some relays to clear off. I sug­gest you try

Why did you remove the DMZ info? There are a lot of things you need to be mind­ful of when it comes to plac­ing a device into a DMZ. Some routers will expose ALL lis­ten­ing ports on a device. This can have huge secu­ri­ty ram­i­fi­ca­tions depend­ing on the min­er you have.

Can I get off relay at my school/university net­work? Most IT admins are prob­a­bly not going to up a port for you. You can ask, but don’t be sur­prised if they say “No”. Either move the min­er to a new net­work or look at a VPN solu­tion like this one.

Why don’t I scan my min­er’s DHCP address in The IP address­es your router pass­es out to your clients are NOT routable on the inter­net. You want to scan the pub­lic IP your ISP gives you.

I set­up my port for­ward with TCP+UDP, is that okay? Yes, how­ev­er, best prac­tice secu­ri­ty-wise is to only open the ports you need. So set it to TCP.

Why don’t I for­ward to 22/443/1680? The Heli­um doc­u­ment says… The Heli­um doc­u­ment says OUTBOUND for port 22/443. That means your clients reach OUT to the inter­net. Your home routers allow 22/443/44158 out­bound by default. Inbound means clients on the inter­net reach­ing INTO your net­work (clients behind your router.) That is poten­tial­ly a secu­ri­ty risk. Port for­ward­ing 1680 is from some old DIY instruc­tions which no longer apply.

Want more awe­some Heli­um Knowledge?

Did this work­flow work for you?

Please post your expe­ri­ence to com­ments, I’m always psy­ched to improve things!



23 responses to “The Ultimate Workflow For Fixing Your Relayed Helium Miner”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this!

  2. backtran Avatar

    Almost as good as Jasons work­flow in Discord 🙂 🙂

  3. I mean, it IS Jason’s work­flow from Discord. 😉

  4. I ran through this flow and con­tin­ue to show relayed and lis­ten­ing on 44159 after sev­er­al days. I did ini­tial­ly set­up my hotspot on wifi and my router did have upnp enabled. I have dis­abled upnp, removed the wire­less from the hotspot, black­list­ed the wire­less MAC address on my router, and for­ward­ed exter­nal 44158 and 44159 to the inter­nal ip of the hotspot using port 44158. I am still show­ing relayed after sev­er­al days. Am I r lat­er? My earn­ings seem to have halved since th Blockchain stoppage

  5. Jeremy Chung Avatar
    Jeremy Chung

    Hi Nik thank you so much for shar­ing your knowl­edge , you are amaz­ing for doing this. 

    I’ve been using the rak (MNTD) for a week, and I nev­er port for­ward­ed since I start­ed using my rak. I have the “not relayed” sta­tus since the start, which is good news I think. I’ve been look­ing at videos say­ing port for­ward­ing does give bet­ter per­for­mance, should I restart the process and port for­ward mine if I nev­er had a issue from the start?
    if I should, how much per­for­mance gain am I actu­al­ly going to get?

  6. Hap­py to help. Don’t fix some­thing that ain’t broke, my man. 🙂

  7. For any­one look­ing for a turnkey solu­tion to get around fire­wall or CGNAT issues check my com­pa­ny Heli­um Helper.

  8. MrGroller Avatar

    Nik, I went down the route of LTE router and the end result was Stay Relayed but I fol­lowed switz#1985’s tuto­r­i­al (GL.iNet router — Lin­ode VPS — Wire­Guard VPN) and I man­aged to take my hotspot off Relay mode.

  9. The only thing to add to this is that my hotspot was relayed until I turned off UPNP on my Net­gear router. It showed port open in all the tools but was still relayed by the Heli­um Net­work after a week. A cou­ple hours after turn­ing off UPNP it was no longer relayed

  10. Right on. What was saying?

  11. Supergenius Avatar

    Out­stand­ing assis­tance. Thank you. I may hire you when my new anten­na arrives.

  12. federico scardovi Avatar
    federico scardovi

    se ho sym­met­ric nel nat type, come pos­so risovere?
    non sò dove sia upnp nel mio router!!!???

  13. Hel­lo,

    My ISP changed my sta­t­ic ip address yesterday,
    the Miner(5s) on the bob­cat diag­nos­tic page show­ing that the Nat type is sym­met­ric and the lis­ten address­es on this page are like hotspots address not my real ip address.
    i’ve restart­ed my router and the bob­cat and I checked the port 44158 is already opened.
    so what I have to do?


  14. Have you checked with That’s usu­al­ly the most up to date.

  15. Augusto Ramoa Avatar
    Augusto Ramoa

    My hotspot lost the wire­less con­nec­tion 2 days ago. I set­up a eth­er­net cable, but it’s still offline. On the API Report­ed Lis­ten Address has cor­rect IP and port and I can ping, but the Observed Lis­tem Address is the cor­rect IP but port 56664. Why is that? How can I solve this? (btw when I pair with heli­um app I get 100% inbound and out­bound and 99.53% blockchain sync)

  16. David Bostons Avatar
    David Bostons

    Thanks for the actu­al question
    I have the same issue…

  17. My min­er has pow­er and is show­ing it’s con­nect­ed via Eth­er­net how­ev­er, in the diag­no­sis it has no inbound/outbound traf­fic and show­ing up offline on the explor­er. For this POE set­up would this flow map work or would the issue be with some­thing else?

  18. I’d prob­a­bly replace the SD card with a new flashed one first. Then go through this workflow.

  19. Nik my Sense­cap min­er shows NAT symet­ric and its sup­pouse to be None or Open. I have a BWG 320–500 Router for ATT. I already open port TCP 44158 and the min­er is not relayed, net­work HEALTHY, inboud and out­bound check green. My only issue its that this type of router dont allow to Man­u­al­ly set UPnP. so do you know how can I solver the NAT type for Sense­cap min­ner from symet­ric to open or none? Thanks

  20. Hmm, I’m not sure. Good news is you’ll only have to deal with this for a few more weeks. When Light Hotspots acti­vate this prob­lem should disappear.

  21. My heli­um app shows a green check mark for out­bound and a X for inbound with the NAT type being unknown. I had issues with the wifi but when it was wifi it was green check marks for both out­bound and inbound. I had to switch to Eth­er­net to cor­rect an IP address issue and to move for­ward with the port for­ward­ing. What do you think is pre­vent­ing my inbound?

  22. Hi Jim­bo, have you opened up port 44158? I’d use to check things; Explor­er can be way behind.

  23. Yeah, I opened port 44158 and checked it with a port check­er site and it showed open. So maybe it was slow. I will Blue­tooth back in and see if it shows green.

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