Unusual Earnings On A Growing Network: Here’s How

Ok, so you’ve deployed your first hotspot or two, figured out how a wallet works and where to send your HNT to convert to local currency (or you’re hodling.)

So far, so good. But…how do you make it better? What are ways you can deploy hotspots to provide maximum earnings and coverage?

Here’s an example of a group of high earning hotspots deployed in a very specific pattern I call “The Dice Five.”

This was a very effective gaming pattern until about June of 2021, when Helium Inc shut these kinds of gaming deployments down. I’ll leave the post up for posterity, and to help you figure out both what to do and not to do. If you want to get the basics of Helium down, consider taking the Helium Basic Course.

These Hotspots are deployed very specifically to earn maximally, not to provide WUPU coverage. They’re only 6-800 meters apart, and LoRa can reach tens of kilometers.

At the end of the day, the Helium network is most likely to succeed if we are all deploying with the dual goals of earnings and coverage. This is an earnings-only deployment.

Still, I know that most of you just want the HNT. So, here was one way to do it.

Let’s lay out the 30 day earnings of this deployment:

  • Center Pip – 324.89 HNT
  • High Left – 322.17 HNT
  • High Right – 325.55 HNT
  • Low Left – 581.69 HNT
  • Low Right – 323.04

Total earnings over 30 days for 5 hotspots: 1,877.34. Impressive!

If you look at the res 8 and 7 hexes, these deployed hotspots fall within the density target/density max rules. This is a well thought out deployment.

Here it is on HeliumVision, where you can see res 8 & 7 hexes along with the shortest distance between hotspots, over 600 meters. You can also see all hotspots are earning at a 1.0, which is the highest possible scale value. Yep, falls within the rules.

So, there it is, a great way to earn maximally, though at the cost of significant coverage not being provided.

If you’d like help with durable strategies for growing the Helium Network and earning HNT, consider joining the Gristle Crüe. We’re a group of Helium enthusiasts ranging from amateur to expert, and we work together to make sure we’re all maximizing this (and other) opportunities at the intersection of blockchain and “the meatspace”.

Here’s to making the most out of the Helium network, rock on!

7 thoughts on “Unusual Earnings On A Growing Network: Here’s How”

  1. Is this with outdoor hotspots with raised antennas or can this be achieved with indoor setups as well?

  2. In the situation where you are a lone wolf and you are living on a very large property over 100 plus acres, is it possible to buy six hot spots and set them up in a hexagonal grid 350 meters apart. They would all function off solar. Is this ethical? Is this good for the network? In a situation where you are the sole person in a vast expanse, is it good to live to set up many hotspots talking to each other?

  3. You could do that, although it’s probably not the best thing for overall network coverage, and it looks like (check out the Dice 5 Strategy) you’d want to be more than 350m apart. You’d also have to figure out how to have ’em all on different IPs.

  4. Hello,
    What if there were more hotspots around that would talk to each one? For example, if I lived in a relatively flat, rural area and I was about to set one hot spot at approximately 80ft tall with a 5.8 dbi antenna and then place another 4 around that Center Pip (not within the 600 meters) then scatter another 11 hot spots (again not within 600 meters) that all should have line of sight with each other and a chance to witness and challenge each other, is there a chance that this would mess up the potential earnings of the Dice 5 or would it only make them more HNT in theory? I still have several weeks before my miners arrive but I have been planning and calculating the best strategies to deploy all 17 I have ordered. These will be the only miners within 300 miles of each other.

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