Diving Deeper Into Your Helium Hotspot



I sat down with Vishal from HeliumHik­er to go through his pret­ty rad set of tools for get­ting deep into a Heli­um hotspot. I first found Vishal through using his Chal­lenge Receipt Analy­sis dash­board which is my go-to tool for check­ing my hotspots and make sure they’re singing. Looks like I might need to dig into this one and sort out the invalid wit­ness issue…

Whether you’re on Dis­cord and want to get a quick view of what’s hap­pen­ing through his Hiker­Bot, or you’re try­ing to fig­ure out what’s going on with your wit­ness­ing or bea­con­ing, or you just want to do a skim through a bunch of dif­fer­ent wal­lets or cities to see pat­terns in high earn­ers, Vishal’s tools make visu­al­iz­ing the data much easier.

I’ll let Vishal do the talk­ing. Enjoy learn­ing more about how you can use the CRA dash­board to catch a hotspot that might have gone down or to opti­mize an anten­na. With Heli­umHik­er (and the Hiker­Bot on his Dis­cord Serv­er) you can cruise through cities (or wal­lets) quick­ly and see what the hottest spots around are. Very cool.

As you’ll notice, this can get a lit­tle technical. 

If you need help with get­ting your Heli­um hotspot back online and earn­ing BUT you don’t have time to get in to the weeds with learn­ing about the RSSI/SNR curve or how to fix a relayed hotspot, or if the only thing you’re sure of is that your hotspot isn’t work­ing… Con­sid­er hir­ing the Gris­tle King crew. 

We’ve got a deep exper­tise in fix­ing all the some­times com­pli­cat­ed errors that can cost you HNT earn­ings — go here to learn more about our Hotspot Res­cue Service.



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