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What Does PoCv11 Mean For Me?

Short ver­sion: Use a low gain anten­na, report your loca­tion and anten­na gain accu­rate­ly, and PoCv11 will have more or less no effect on you. Super short ver­sion: Don’t wor­ry. PoCv11 is designed to help the Net­work more accu­rate­ly assess loca­tion from radio fre­quen­cy strength sig­nals and to keep Hotspots in RF reg­u­la­to­ry com­pli­ance. It cleans up …

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How Do You Find The Best Site For Your Hotspot?

Well, the race is offi­cial­ly on. With at least two unof­fi­cial halv­ings com­ing in the near future, it’s pret­ty darn impor­tant right now to: A) Get your Heli­um hotspot up and earn­ing and  B) Secure the best spot you pos­si­bly can. In the case below, this hotspot is on pri­vate prop­er­ty with an incred­i­ble view of both my …

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How To Set Up a RUT 240 for an Off Grid Helium Hotspot — Prepare for Challenge!

With a gen­er­ous assist from the folks over at HNTen­na, here’s a step by step method for set­ting up your RUT 240 (the cell modem that allows an off grid Heli­um Hotspot to con­nect to the inter­net.) I’ll start by say­ing that off grid set ups are not for the faint of heart, the easily …

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Light Hotspots Explained

What the heck is a Heli­um Light Hotspot, and why does it mat­ter? If you’re not tech savvy, the whole thing can seem con­fus­ing. Let’s clear it up. We’ll begin with the dif­fer­ent types of Hotspots: Reg­u­lar, Light, and Data Only. Reg­u­lar (I call ’em “Full Fat”) Hotspots are what Heli­um start­ed out with. They create …

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