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Are you look­ing for a cool com­mu­ni­ty project to con­tribute to that blends Heli­um with Health? I’m start­ing one right here, right now.

The idea is to build a Healthy Heli­um com­mu­ni­ty where we share plans to DIY devices that mon­i­tor health. I’m think­ing the fol­low­ing:
-heart rate
-activ­i­ty track­er (maybe just a pedome­ter)
-blood sug­ar (CGM for you fan­cy types)

There is no lim­it to what we can build. Here is what that Dash­board *might* look like. Want to help me make it better?

I am wide open to being wrong on any or all of those. I’ll need YOUR help to make this thing awesome.

Hey Nik, you for­got the [insert your favorite health met­ric]!”

Keep read­ing, bub­ba. This is just the beginning. 

I’ll spread the word and orga­nize the effort. I’ll need help every­where else. 

Desired end state is a com­mu­ni­ty of mutu­al­ly very sup­port­ive peo­ple who have built or acquired a DIY Heli­um health track­er to track their stats and share them in order to improve their health.

In my per­fect world, we all work togeth­er to help each oth­er improve our knowl­edge of Heli­um, our use of the Net­work and our health. I *think* that works by con­nect­ing peo­ple who are experts and build­ing the hard­ware and/software to cre­ate a scale, or a heart rate track­er, or a pedome­ter etc that inte­grates with the Heli­um Network.

The project will be in part a pub­lic place to gath­er all the infor­ma­tion & mate­ri­als that any per­son would need in order to build and use their own Heli­um Health Tracker.

I know how con­fus­ing Heli­um can be, and I also know how much it can change your life once you under­stand it. I’m super excit­ed to devel­op a project that empow­ers YOU, who­ev­er you are, to build on, use, and ben­e­fit from the Heli­um Network. 

Who’s in?


Why Helium? Why don’t I just use my Apple Watch?

The first rea­son is that Heli­um is a giant net­work beg­ging to be used. It’s as sim­ple as that. 

The sec­ond answer goes more into help­ing grow the Net­work by learn­ing how the whole thing works. Most peo­ple have NO IDEA how to use a sen­sor. I get it. It’s fuck­ing com­pli­cat­ed, at least as of April 2022. This project will help YOU learn how to use the Heli­um Net­work, while help­ing con­nect you to oth­er peo­ple who are into the same things you are AND help track your health. 

Third, use your Apple Watch, or Fit­bit, or Garmin Swim 2, or what­ev­er you want. They’ll prob­a­bly work bet­ter, at least at first. What they won’t do is empow­er you to under­stand the Heli­um Net­work, or con­nect you to folks who are sim­i­lar­ly inter­est­ed in Heli­um, Health, and Com­mu­ni­ty. Maybe (def­i­nite­ly) we can inte­grate them into this thing even­tu­al­ly. If we work togeth­er, We’re All Going To Make It. (WAGMI)

Who’s going to pay for all this?

Maybe the Heli­um Foun­da­tion. I’ll write a grant for any­thing that needs mon­ey to get start­ed, but main­ly my goal is to find peo­ple whose pri­ma­ry moti­va­tion isn’t mon­ey, but excel­lence and community.

I, uh, saw something in the diagram about an NFT? What’s that all about?

NFTs at their heart are proof that some­thing hap­pened. They start­ed off as linked to art, but that’s not their pri­ma­ry function/capability. One thing I’ve noticed is that peo­ple who aren’t in NFTs are real­ly hes­i­tant about get­ting in. This is an easy way to get into ’em where the util­i­ty is imme­di­ate (you get access to the Heli­um Health track­er), and I’ll walk you through exact­ly how to do it. 

Once you get your first NFT, you’ll have made it past the first giant step­ping stone and you’ll be at the lead­ing edge of a rad­i­cal new way of inter­act­ing with the world.

Wait, why would we use an NFT for this?

Well, this NFT is designed to ben­e­fit the own­ers. You’d buy in, at let’s say, $100. You’d get access to the Dash­board, and imme­di­ate­ly get back $40 worth in use­able tokens called $MINT. Those tokens could be used to vote on where the Dash­board should be improved next. 

Let’s say you’re an artist, and you want to con­tribute to the project. You think up the idea of, “Hey, when some­one runs 100 miles, their NFT should get a pair of gold­en shoes.” I mean, you did­n’t think that up, Look­ing­ForOwls did over at the Shuf­fleDAO, but let’s say you’re the one who can draw it.

You draw a rad pair of gold­en shoes and sub­mit them for the “100 miles ran” image. It gets accept­ed by the DAO, and then every time some­one runs 100 miles, you get some small amount of the $MINT token. 

Is this the same thing as the upcoming GK NFT?

Nope. I’m using Shuf­fleDAO for that, but it’s a sep­a­rate project.

Ok Nik, so what’s the catch?

Well, I think of it more as a fea­ture, but main­ly the catch is that this’ll take a lot of work by a lot of peo­ple who could, frankly, get paid a ton more some­where else. 

Hmm, who runs the DAO?

Well, at first it’ll be me. As more peo­ple come on and con­tribute, I’ll add them in. Look, I don’t want to run this thing for­ev­er (or even for very long). I want to make sure it gets stood up, and works, and builds a real­ly healthy com­mu­ni­ty (in every way) and then go do that again some­where else with some­thing else. I like build­ing awe­some stuff. I want YOU to be involved, and I want YOU and the com­mu­ni­ty to win as much as possible.

Hey, could I use a Hash Time Lock Contract where I had to hit a button or do something in a certain time frame, like go for a run?

Uh, hell yes you could. You’d have to cred­it Travis Teague with the idea, but that’s your question…please would you come on board and help? 🙂

What about nutrition? We all know that paleo/keto/vegan/carnivore is the only correct way to eat, how can I impose my diet on everyone else?

Whoa, tur­bo. Diet is a weird thing. I would LOVE, like fuck­ing LOVE to include diet in this, but obvi­ous­ly we’re not going to force any­thing on any­one. If you write the code and it makes sense, then hell yes we’ll add it. 

Will I get ripped and hard in just 30 short days just by building a Helium Health Tracker?

No. This may not be the project for you. 

Hey, I’ve got a really long list of reasons this can’t work. Want to hear ’em?


Nik, this sounds awesome. I have a skill in [XYZ] and I want to help. Where do I sign up?

I *think* the best way to do this is on the Gris­tle King Dis­cord. If this thing goes bat­shit bananas crazy, we’ll stand up a sep­a­rate serv­er for it, but for now, let’s just use the #heli­um-health chan­nel over on the GK serv­er. Oh, and thank you for vol­un­teer­ing. I love peo­ple like you.


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