Helium HIP 70 Explained In Pictures

HIP 70 is simple. We (the Helium Community) are moving from doing everything ourselves to farming out a few things to experts. Here’s what it looks like.

Let’s start with the current system. Every action on one blockchain that tries to do everything and is getting bogged down:

Yes, I know Validators aren’t in that graphic. We’ll get to ’em in a sec. Let’s do part 1 of the move, which is splitting off the two most important things that don’t need to be on a a blockchain: Proof of Coverage (PoC) and Data Transfer. Keep in mind that Data Transfer is literally the reason the network exists; it bloody well should have its own giant home.

The two actual most important functions of the network, PoC (Proof of Coverage) and Data Transfer (the reason the network exists) will move to Oracles (a fancy word for a giant computer that can do all the calculations required quickly without having to do anything else, then report the results to the blockchain. Which will be Solana.)

That split looks like this:

Ok, now what about Validators? They’re gone, no longer needed. With the Oracles doing the work of PoC and Data Transfer and the blockchain recording it, what needs to be validated?

Helium runs on Solana, and in the long run, you (the Hotspot owner) get the benefit of having a few different entities who are expert in their fields working for you.

Now, just because we can get through it in 3 graphics doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. It’ll be a hellaciously complicated and difficult thing requiring extraordinary expertise and hard work. My prediction is that we’ll see it complete in March of 2023. I’ll leave that here.

In the meantime, you the Hotspot owner don’t really have to do anything special if you don’t want to. You’re always welcome to contribute and build. You can certainly learn to use Chirpstack right now if you’ve got extra time, or figure out how to run an Oracle, or dream up cool uses of smart contracts now that they’ll be available on Solana.

Or you can go to the beach. Whatever you do, in less than a year we’re very likely to have a much better system, a few powerful new partners, and something the world has never seen before – a fully operational Network genesis machine.

Rock ‘n roll!

2 thoughts on “Helium HIP 70 Explained In Pictures”

  1. Can you write something on what happens to HNT as a coin and its relationship to Solana (SOL) as a coin? Do we need to convert to SOL? Will both still be available etc….? How does coin management change?

  2. HNT will still exist, just as a token on the Solana chain. For the average user, there’ll be no change other than that things will move a lot faster (assertions, transfers, etc.) Helium Wallet app will be generally the same.

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