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How to do a Helium Hotspot Placement Assessment

Get­ting the most out of a Heli­um hotspot deploy­ment requires a strat­e­gy to max­i­mize your place­ment, anten­na ele­va­tion, and then phys­i­cal­ly deploy­ing the thing.  Most of the earn­ings will come from the place­ment. I know it’s usu­al­ly eas­i­est to just put it up in your house, but it’s prob­a­bly worth assess­ing a few spots before you …

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What’s The Best Antenna For Your Helium Hotspot?

Here is a step by step method for under­stand­ing how to choose the best anten­na for your hotspot place­ment. Each place­ment demands a well matched anten­na in order to pro­vide val­ue to the Heli­um Net­work and con­se­quent­ly earn the most HNT pos­si­ble for that loca­tion.  First though: Hotspot place­ment opti­miza­tion is FAR more impor­tant than …

What’s The Best Anten­na For Your Heli­um Hotspot? Read More »

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