How To Set Up a RUT 240 for an Off Grid Helium Hotspot — Prepare for Challenge!

With a gen­er­ous assist from the folks over at HNTen­na, here’s a step by step method for set­ting up your RUT 240 (the cell modem that allows an off grid Heli­um Hotspot to con­nect to the internet.)

I’ll start by say­ing that off grid set ups are not for the faint of heart, the eas­i­ly dis­cour­aged, or folks who avoid chal­lenges. You WILL run into chal­lenges. Bat­ter­ies will go bad. Min­ers will over­heat. Your data plan will need to be far larg­er than nor­mal (100 GB/month is what you want as of Nov 2021.) Don’t do off grids unless you’re will­ing to proac­tive­ly solve those, usu­al­ly on your own.


The lat­est advice (25Nov2021) is to NOT do any of the below, but to get a stan­dard SIM card plan (I know this does­n’t sound right) of 2 GB @ 4G and unlim­it­ed at 3G $15/month T‑mobile and let them be relayed.

If you’re deter­mined to still go for­ward with this, try Proslash­ers instruc­tions for the 240, over here. If you buy a pre-built VPN from him, use gristleking at check­out for $10 off your order.

Off grid set ups ARE for folks who love rad projects, who are will­ing to prob­lem solve, and who get more joy out of fig­ur­ing shit out rather than hav­ing a plug ‘n play solu­tion hand­ed to ’em. Noth­ing wrong with either one, but there’s a def­i­nite suc­cess for­mu­la here that does not favor “Please do this for me” mindsets.

Before we dig in, let me make a semi-offi­cial dis­claimer: This post is a set of guide­lines that have been suc­cess­ful­ly used to set up a RUT 240. No one involved in this is offer­ing any offi­cial sup­port, though I’ll help as best I can via the Com­ments sec­tion at the bot­tom of the post. If this set­up does­n’t work for you, please do NOT DM me. Post to com­ments so we can all learn from your challenges.

Tel­tonkia (mak­ers of the RUT240) have recent­ly post­ed a video on how to set it up. I’ll leave our old guide in here for pos­ter­i­ty, but here’s how Tel­toni­ka rec­om­mends you do it:

The “Old” Way (for Posterity only, we no longer recommend this)

Start by turn­ing off your com­put­er WiFi, then con­nect­ing your com­put­er via an eth­er­net cable to the RUT240’s LAN port. I used an adap­tor to get from Eth­er­net to USB‑C; you can get those on Amazon.

Pow­er up the RUT 240. Wait.

On your com­put­er, nav­i­gate to in your URL.

Enter admin01 for the pass­word and click the LOGIN button.

You will be prompt­ed to enter a new pass­word. Do it, then click SAVE. Keep in mind that the modem can take a while to “think”, so just be patient after you hit SAVE on this, and any oth­er screen. 

You now have 2 options, one sim­ple, one com­pli­cat­ed. They have both worked. Try the sim­ple one and see if it works. If it does­n’t, try the com­pli­cat­ed one.

Option 1 — Setup Wizard

Sys­tem —> Set­up Wizard —> 

Step 1 

Set local time, enter password

Step 2

Uncheck Auto APN

APN —> Cus­tom—> [enter your APN if you got a sta­t­ic IP]

Step 3 —> Skip

Step 4 Wifi —>

WiFi SSID: [Name it what­ev­er you want]

Pass­word: [your password]

Leave WiFi enabled for now, it’ll make set­up eas­i­er lat­er on when the sys­tem is installed, you’ll just need the lap­top to access it.

Write down the Router Ser­i­al & MAC address, then log into to

Add Device using the MAC address & Ser­i­al number

Go to Sys­tem Man­age­ment and look for:


Select auto-reboot every 24 hours by check­ing every day of the week.

Log out. You’re done.

Option 2 — Let’s Get Geeky: Not true static IP, but static DHCP lease

Start from just after you set the pass­word on your RUT 240, above. Now, on the top menu bar, nav­i­gate to Net­work –> WAN. You’ll see a screen like this, usu­al­ly with Wired (WAN) selected. 

Select Mobile as the Main WAN, then SAVE.

Next, in the top menu bar go to Net­work –> LAN and select the Advanced Settings tab.

Select Use WAN port as LAN, then SAVE.

Now nav­i­gate to Net­work –> Wire­less, where you’ll dis­able the WiFi. This’ll dis­able the wire­less access point and save you pow­er, which is impor­tant for off-grid setups 🙂

You’re crush­ing it. Just keep going. Ready for the next part? Read it care­ful­ly first, then execute.

Before con­tin­u­ing, do the fol­low­ing in order:

  • Unplug the eth­er­net cable that is con­nect­ed to your com­put­er from the LAN port on the RUT240
  • Plug the eth­er­net cable into the WAN port on the RUT240
  • Con­nect the Heli­um Hotspot to the LAN port on the RUT240 with the eth­er­net cable supplied 
  • Pow­er on the Hotspot. 

Nice work! Now, nav­i­gate to Sta­tus –> Net­work and click on the LAN tab. Find the MAC address of the Heli­um hotspot, high­light the MAC and copy it. 

With the MAC address copied, nav­i­gate to Net­work –> Mobile. Look for Mode and select Passthrough.

New fields will appear. Locate the MAC Address field and paste the copied MAC address of the heli­um hotspot. Click SAVE.

One more thing…you have to enter your APN. I had to do this, but for­got to take screen­shots of it. See where it says Auto APN on that screen, and the box is checked? Uncheck that, then fol­low what makes sense and enter in your APN (your SIM card provider will be where you get that.)

If that becomes a huge PITA and a stick­ing point, I’ll update this tutorial.

How Much Data Will Your Off Grid Hotspot Need?

UPDATE: For an off grid min­er as of Novem­ber 2021, you’re going to want 100 GB/month, and that still may not be enough. For a long time, the 50 GB/month plan called out below with T‑mobile was enough, but with the blockchain size grow­ing, it’s no longer cut­ting it. I’ll leave the rest of this in here for pos­ter­i­ty, but any ref­er­ence to plans low­er than 100 GB/month is out­dat­ed and wrong.

Here’s a graph of the net­work data traf­fic for a group of hotspots on a 10 minute average:

Yep, that high­est of high spikes is 450 kbps, and almost every­thing is below 300 kpbs. So, while data is impor­tant (you need a lot of it), speed is usu­al­ly not. With that said, I’m get­ting reports in the field of 650 kbps and above spikes that tem­porar­i­ly shut down hotspots. Be ready with patience when that happens.

Recent­ly I’ve heard from folks test­ing 4G speeds report­ing that a 15 Mbit up/down (vs 10 down and .8 up) gave a 250% increase in HNT rewards, so speed may mat­ter more than we thought. This is def­i­nite­ly worth fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion, and the T‑mobile planned called out below may not be fast enough or large enough for you, depend­ing on the local speed of your 4G connection.

What SIM card should you use? 

T‑mobile has a BUSINESS (NOT per­son­al) plan that’s $50 for 50GB at 4G speed, then unlim­it­ed data at 3G speed, which is sup­posed to be 3 mbps min­i­mum. That should work MOST of the time for us. If you have a plan that’s work­ing for you ALL the time, please add it to the Com­ments sec­tion below. 

I’ve got a T‑mobile rep who is clued into what we need, his details follow.

The plan is avail­able nation­wide in the US, and as far as the rep knows it’s not going away any time soon. 

T‑Mobile does­n’t guar­an­tee the speed (appar­ent­ly there are no speed guar­an­tees in the world of tel­co wire­less), but I’ve got clients who’ve been using this and it’s work­ing fine most of the time.

Here’s the rep I talked to. We went through the whole Heli­um sce­nario, so when you call him he’ll be prepped. Just tell him Nik from Gristlek­ing sent ya, that should jog his memory.

Abu McLean
In order to pro­tect his email from the bots: ABUBAKAR.MCLEAN17 then use the lit­tle @ sym­bol then put in T‑
Direct: 615–445-4008
Hours: 9:15AM to 6:15PM CST (Mon – Fri)

  • You’ll need a busi­ness account. You can’t (as far as I know) run this off your social secu­ri­ty number.
  • Ask for the 50 GB at $50/month plan with unlim­it­ed data at 3G after the 50. 
  • You can get a Sta­t­ic IP for $5 more, ask for a “SOC Sta­t­ic Pub­lic IP”. UPDATE, MAR 21, 2022: You don’t need a sta­t­ic IP for much longer, this may not be worth it.
  • SIM card price is the same: $20 + sales tax (~$2) per SIM card

If you email him, would you cc me (my first name, which is Nik, then @ and this web­site) so I can keep track of how it’s going and any snags that come up?

Oh, you’re in Cana­da? Here’s what a client sent me:

FYI — I found a cell car­ri­er with a sta­t­ic IP that does­n’t get relayed in Cana­da. If you call Rogers, get a hold of their small biz depart­ment and ask for a sta­t­ic IP, they’ll mail you a SIM card that works with the RUT240 instruc­tions on your blog. The only prob­lem is that because this is Cana­da, its $120/month for 50 GB + $20/month for every 10 GB after that, and it’s $12/month for the sta­t­ic IP. Ouch!

-M in the great Canadia

This guide was almost entire­ly writ­ten by the crew at HNTen­na and passed on to me. With their per­mis­sion and with a few changes, I’m mak­ing it avail­able to you. Rock on!


82 responses to “How To Set Up a RUT 240 for an Off Grid Helium Hotspot — Prepare for Challenge!”

  1. solar set­up in the lab, Ver­i­zon 150gb plan pre­paid — I spent a lot of time try­ing to con­fig­ure my RUT240 i tried PPP and QMI as sug­gest­ed here. I have had 0 suc­cess. The mobile data will con­nect, how­ev­er my min­er gets no data. i get data going through it i guess, but max of 5kbs and i have no idea what data is pass­ing. RMS does not work when mobile con­nect­ed. can­not con­nect my min­er into the front of the device with­out send­ing the RUT into imme­di­ate, def­i­nite cause and effect slow blink of death on my RUT. Tried a syn­cro­bit, Rak and sense­cap. I have no idea how any of you guys have this thing work­ing… at all, makes it more frus­trat­ing bc i know it can, but not for me. is there a link that has ALL of the cor­rect set­tings? i tried what was here and also in all of the com­ments, and it still does not work. ANY help would be amaz­ing! Thanks!

  2. Hi Blair, you are not alone, I’ve had some frus­trat­ing expe­ri­ences with the RUT240 as well. The Tel­toni­ka forums are pret­ty good for get­ting help, or you could fac­to­ry reset and use Proslash­er’s instruc­tions for a VPN, here.

  3. Right on, let me know how it goes!

  4. will do, thank you so much, how on Earth you fig­ured this all out on your own baf­fles me. Tru­ly a pil­lar-to-post mem­ber of our net­work. I am research­ing today while my bat­tery charges, will work tonight and update later.

  5. Lots of bang­ing my head against a wall until the wall gave way. 🙂

  6. I don’t know if this helps any­one in terms of data usage but I am using a ver­i­zon hotspot (relayed) in a high alti­tude loca­tion with lots of traf­fic. (South­ern Cal­i­for­nia) For the first time I have reached over 100gb, I imag­ine if I was­n’t relayed I might have hit over 100gb sooner.

  7. My RUT240 went offline as soon as I saved after the Passthrough / past­ing the min­er’s MAC address step. The host report­ed that wifi is still on so the modem is work­ing, I just can’t con­nect remote­ly. Did this hap­pen to you as well?

  8. The issues with this still a thing? I’ve final­ly pieced togeth­er every­thing I need for an off grid and came back for the instruc­tions on the router and saw this. Just my luck ha!

  9. Seems to be pret­ty vari­able; some folks hav­ing no prob­lems, some are flat­lined. May have con­nec­tion to the recent uncov­er­ing of the denylist Heli­um was using to com­bat gam­ing. I’d expect any off grid right now to present chal­lenges above and beyond a nor­mal hotspot deploy­ment. Pro­ceed if you like solv­ing problems! 🙂

  10. Ah gotcha. I’ll give it a go and see what hap­pens! Thanks for the info

  11. I’m hav­ing a sim­i­lar issue. My RUT240 has inter­net access but I can’t get the inter­net to the min­er. It’s extreme­ly frus­trat­ing. Been work­ing at it for over 3 days. I have fol­lowed step by step 50 times and still cant get the min­er to con­nect. Any ideas?

  12. Have sev­er­al RUT240s with Bob­cat min­ers and T‑mobile busi­ness sta­t­ic IP address­es. Results from first install in Novem­ber have been lousy and am think­ing of con­vert­ing the oth­er SIM cards back to reg­u­lar non-sta­t­ic address­es and month­ly low data con­sumer plans as Nik sug­gest­ed in late Nov. Does­n’t seem worth pay­ing for $55 month­ly plan at this point. Any oth­er suggestion?

  13. Hi Nik, just won­der­ing why you’ve sug­gest­ed non­sta­t­ic IP and the 2GB plan, then 3g unlim­it­ed. Will the min­er still be using inter­net from the rut to stay synced? If it’s relayed, I thought it would just bor­row inter­net from oth­er hotspots. If so, why have a router at all? For now I’m going to try your sug­ges­tion of the $15/month tmo­bile plan, but would appre­ci­ate any elab­o­ra­tion. Thanks!

  14. Just report­ing what I’m hear­ing for folks with full fat hotspots deployed in the field. Yes, the min­er will still be using internet.

  15. @ BLAIR did you get through the RUT240 set­up? I expe­ri­enced the exact same chal­lenge you described. Yes­ter­day I believe I final­ly broke through. Yet I still don’t know exact­ly what caused the issue. I just recon­fig­ured again and again. Final­ly went with near default set­tings. I did learn that t‑mobile just plain nev­er con­fig­ured the sta­t­ic IP they sold me and it took con­tact­ing the sales rep to get it done. Sup­port was real­ly bad but of course the sales rep was pret­ty sharp.

  16. @Blair, the RUT240 cord (at least mine) con­tains only 2 wires (red / black) despite the weird con­nec­tion to the device. I’ve pow­ered it direct into the wan­der­er. Also, I only suc­ceed­ed get­ting the MINER to con­nect to the hotspot’s inter­net upon plug­ging it direct­ly into the Wan­der­er. I’ve had it run­ning through a step down / resister usb-thing because I thought that was safer. At least in my case, the min­er appeared to pow­er OK but it would give weird errors regard­ing includ­ing “Too many DNS lookups” and oth­ers which caused about 1 week of mad­ness on my end. Final­ly I the­o­rized it was a pow­er issue. Of course, it actu­al­ly could have been some­thing else I acci­den­tal­ly fixed in the process. But I’m final­ly online today. The crazy thing is I could have sworn the damn thing worked fine in testing.

  17. Hi. Thanks for the tuto­r­i­al. I got rut240 and updat­ed the firmware to the lat­est. I got ver­i­zon sim to work on it. It shows that is has data con­nec­tion. How­ev­er, I can­not get the inter­net to go to the sense­cap min­er. Can you help?

  18. Hi Shukhrat, are you con­nect­ing direct­ly via eth­er­net cable through the LAN port? That should solve it.

  19. Hi Nik, I am con­nect­ing the sense­cap to rut via the lan port. I am con­nect­ing the lap­top to rut via the wan port. I fol­lowed the steps to make wan port act as lan. The rut dash­board shows con­nec­tion and even has up and down pack­ets going thru. How­ev­er, i can­not ping from it. 100% data loss. and i can­not get the min­er up. yes­ter­day the min­er was up for a bit but then i still could not ping.

  20. Hmm, I won­der if it’s an issue with the IP address you’ve been assigned.

  21. Nik, so after chat­ting for over 2 hours with verzion i found out that I can­not use my plan with that device. I have to upgrade to a busi­ness plan. what plan/provider do u use?

  22. Hmm, for a while it was T‑mobile. Abu (the T‑mobile rep) has his info at the bot­tom of the page, I’d start with call­ing him. Your oth­er option is to check in on the Heli­um #enclo­sures-off-grid chan­nel to see what the lat­est recs are.

  23. Matthew Avatar

    Are you sug­gest­ing putting the SIM card into the RUT240? I have fines­tra min­er with­out a SIM card slot. Also, are there any oth­er providers you know who can do this and still offer a sta­t­ic IP?

  24. Yep, that’s where it goes.

  25. Want­ed to give my expe­ri­ence and see if any­one has any ideas. 

    I’ve fol­lowed the set up direc­tions over and over again from base fac­to­ry set­tings. I cur­rent­ly am using an ATT pre­paid card with a 100gigs with a sen­cap but will switch it unlim­it­ed through first net if I can get it work­ing. I have good ser­vice when i con­nect via wifi but i can’t get the port 44158 to show as open using a port check­er no mat­ter what i do. I set a sta­t­ic IP and port for­ward­ing rule but noth­ing works. 

    This is what I’ve done over and over again. Please help ??

  26. Matthew Avatar

    I’d be curi­ous to see the response for Patrick too. I’m about to pur­chase the same set-up. On a dif­fer­ent note — What about the Cel­lu­lar anten­na and cable? What cable do you use to go from the cel­lu­lar router to out­side the enclo­sure? Also, what cel­lu­lar anten­na do you use out­side the enclo­sure? Can you use the rut240 fac­to­ry anten­na out­side, wrapped in sil­i­cone tape at base? If I need to run the cel­lu­lar cable 40 feet, will that cause any problems?

  27. In San Diego I’ve just run LMR195 or 240 from the cell modem inside the enclo­sure to the anten­nas mount­ed direct­ly into the wall of the enclo­sure. No prob­lems with that so far. I don’t have a great answer on the port for­ward­ing question.

  28. Im also curi­ous to see if any­one has any solu­tions or ideas for Patrick­’s setup.Ive invest­ed a lot of time and mon­ey to have my remote set­up up for it to be relayed. I have scoured the inter­net, but I’m sure I am miss­ing something.
    The only dif­fer­ence for exam­ples I see online is the firmware. I updat­ed to the lat­est firmware the RUT240 had to offer, could this be affect­ing the relayed status?

  29. Hi Nik. Quick ques­tion, I just noticed the part “select auto reboot every 24 hours” on the RUT240. I don’t think it was always there (months ago). Any par­tic­u­lar rea­son for that and won’t it change the lis­ten ip every 24 hours then..? (option 2 — lets get geeky, not true sta­t­ic ip but sta­t­ic dhcp lease). Thx!

  30. I also for­get when that got added in. I had heard from a num­ber of off grid­ders they felt it helped them avoid relay. Thanks for the correction!

  31. Scottie Davis Avatar
    Scottie Davis

    Hey Nik, if we ever actu­al­ly make it to lite hotspots, what would you esti­mate the amount of data usage/data plan we would need?

  32. Hi Scot­tie, we’ll make it. 😉 75–100MB/month. More on ’em here. Rock on!

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