What To Look For In A Helium Antenna

Will this anten­na work?” I get that ques­tion a lot, usu­al­ly about some anten­na that was dis­cov­ered after hours of search­ing and sift­ing through Google results. Anten­nas are one of the most con­fus­ing parts of Heli­um, most­ly because RF is fair­ly com­pli­cat­ed and the aver­age hotspot own­er has as much expe­ri­ence with anten­na design and …

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How to do a Helium Hotspot Placement Assessment

Get­ting the most out of a Heli­um hotspot deploy­ment requires a strat­e­gy to max­i­mize your place­ment, anten­na ele­va­tion, and then phys­i­cal­ly deploy­ing the thing.  Most of the earn­ings will come from the place­ment. I know it’s usu­al­ly eas­i­est to just put it up in your house, but it’s prob­a­bly worth assess­ing a few spots before you …

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When [Bobcat]?

A few months ago, Ann at Bob­cat reached out to see if I’d like a hotspot for review. She’d read the Rough Guide To Hotspot Opti­miza­tion arti­cle and liked it. She thought it might be use­ful to get a Bob­cat hotspot into my hands ahead of the wave of nor­mal pro­duc­tion. I thought so too. …

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